Light Up Your Basement

by Jane VanOsdol on September 25, 2011

When you’re remodeling your basement, one disadvantage you’ll need to overcome is lighting. Unless you have a walkout with lots of natural light, a basement tends to be the darkest room of the home. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Taking advantage of the multitude of hip, stylish lighting in today’s market will help you take your basement from dreary to dramatic.

Basement Finishing:  Lighting Options

Track lighting is a good solution for the basement, because it allows you to position the lights exactly where you need them. And if your room configuration changes, it’s no big deal because you just position the lights to shine in a new direction. Track lighting also keeps your walls and floors free of lighting fixtures so you’ll have plenty of room for artwork and other home improvement accessories.

Pendant lighting allows you to place your lighting directly above the area where it’s needed. It’s perfect for illuminating a sitting area, a dining area or a work space. Depending upon the type of fixture you purchase, pendant lighting can function as task lighting, ambient lighting or accent lighting. Beside its functional purpose, pendant lighting is also a stylish accessory. You’ll be amazed at the variety of colors, shapes and sizes that pendant lights come in. You’ll find just the style you need to light up the space and add an artistic touch to your basement remodeling project.

Recessed can lighting is a great option for a game room basement that has a finished or suspended ceiling. Can lighting is particularly effective for a game room because it lights up the room but isn’t dangling down where it could be in danger of getting hit by enthusiastic gamers. You can also purchase miniature can lighting, which is a nice option over a bar area or a TV room. You may want to put the lights on a dimmer switch so that you can brighten the lights for a party atmosphere or darken the room for movie watching.

Floor and wall lamps. These traditional lamps can add the extra light right where you need it in the basement–over or next to your desk, beside your favorite easy chair or positioned above a countertop.

Combination of any of the above. Most basements combine a mixture of all the above lighting depending upon whether you need ambient, task or accent lighting.

Talk to your local home remodeler to see what type of lighting would most benefit your basement. Banish the shadows by letting the light shine in your basement remodel.

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