Make Your Winter Snow Removal Plans Now

by Jane VanOsdol on September 20, 2011

With fall arriving this week, now is the time to make your winter snow removal plans. If it seems early to you, remember that many snow removal services like to have their seasonal customers signed up and committed by October 1—which is only a short 10 days away. And, many states get measurable snowfall in October, a sobering statistic, for sure, after the long stretch of hot weather we’ve had this summer. Being prepared for whatever winter brings this year will help ensure that you are able to continue your daily routine without interruption.

Questions To Evaluate Snow Removal Services

  1. How many driveway plowings come with my seasonal agreement? Hopefully, the answer will be “as many as there are snowstorms,” but you need to be sure of this answer before signing a contract. Most services require a certain number of inches of snow to fall before they bring out the snowplows.
  2. What snowplow route would you be on and what priority on the list would you be? If you’re a doctor or first responder, let the contractor know this to see that if in the event of a blizzard, you would qualify for priority service.
  3. What are your hours of operation? Some snow removal services start as early as 1 a.m. to clear driveways, trying to get a jump on the rush-hour traffic.
  4. Do I need to protect my landscaping? Most snow removal companies are extremely careful with your landscaping. Many will ask you to stake and tie back shrubs, brush and trees before the snow season starts just to be sure that they don’t hit anything while plowing.
  5. How do you handle the removal of snow berms caused by city or county snowplows? A snow berm is what results when the city or county plows deposit mounds of snow in front of your driveway. Regulations differ in every city, but many cities don’t require the city to clear them away, leaving homeowners with a blocked driveway. Ask the snow removal service what their policy is on berms, especially if you find yourself plowed in after your driveway has already been cleared.
  6. How close to my garage door will you plow? Check to see what type of equipment they have and how close it can get to the door.
  7. Does your snow removal contract include any sidewalk shoveling? If not, do you offer that service and what does it cost?
  8. What will you do if there is a car in my driveway when you show up to plow? Will you plow around it?
  9. Are you insured?
  10. How will it benefit me to become a seasonal customer rather than just an occasional customer?

Don’t let winter sneak up on you this year. Make your plans and have your snow removal service in place so that when that first big storm hits, you’ll be sitting pretty.

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