Quick Kitchen Home Improvements

by Jane VanOsdol on September 19, 2011

It’s frustrating to work and cook in a kitchen that’s begging to be organized. Installing a few basic kitchen home improvements will go a long way toward making your kitchen a space that you want to be in, versus one that you don’t want to go near. Let’s look at a few tips that will help make your kitchen a more functional space for you.

Kitchen Remodeling Quick Tips

Clear off the counters.The only things that should be on your kitchen counters are the things that you use everyday. If your counters are cluttered with little-used appliances and last week’s mail, it’s time to clean and purge. Find a permanent home for your appliances. Even if it’s in a hard-to-reach corner, the inconvenience of pulling it out infrequently is easier to handle than the inconvenience of having it cluttering up your counter everyday. If your kitchen countertops have become a catchall for mail and papers, designate a new home for them. Try installing a staggered file holder on the wall by your front door to catch the day’s accumulation of mail and papers. You can designate one slot for outgoing mail so that you remember to take it to the mailbox on the way out the door.

Organize your big drawers. If you’re using a wide kitchen drawer to hold small objects, organize this space with compartments or drawer organizers. You’ll be able to fit more in and find things easier. Plus, it will stop small items from rolling around every time you open and shut the drawer. This is an easy home improvement that will make a big difference.

Install a rack on the inside of your cupboard doors. This shallow rack is perfect for small items like spice jars. It will make use of wasted space. Just be sure that you will still have enough room to completely close your cabinet doors before you permanently attach the rack to the door.

Hang up your broom and mop. If you have a tall pantry door, see if it’s possible to install a few hooks on the inside of the door to hang your broom and mop. You’ll have a handy place to secure them, and they’ll be close to where you need them without taking up a lot of room. Again, just be sure that you have enough room to close the door.

Set up a message center. This is a quick and easy kitchen remodeling project. All you have to do is install a piece of pegboard on the inside door of a cabinet. Now you can hang up a pad of paper, coupons, and any supplies you need. Stop digging around for paper and pens when you need to take a message or make out your shopping list.

Organize your freezer space. It can be easy to lose things in a freezer, especially when everyone just “shoves and slams”—shoves things in and slams the door. Make use of plastic bins to organize bags of veggies and fruit. How about a plastic dishwashing tub to hold packages of meat? Be creative and use containers to help you corral the avalanche of packages and boxes.

Installing a few quick fixes will make your kitchen a much more pleasant and functional space for you and your family.

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