Take the Aggravation Out of a Local Move

by Jane VanOsdol on September 6, 2011

Moving to a new home is an exciting time, but it also involves a lot of work. You need to weed through all your possessions and decide what to keep, what to throw away, what to sell and what to give away. Sometimes a local move can be the most aggravating, because you still have to go through all the mess even though you’re only moving a short distance. Before you hire a rickety truck to move your possessions, you may want to consider a kinder, gentler method of local moving—using a mobile storage company.

A mobile storage company gives you more options than just renting a truck for one day or a weekend.  Mobile storage companies deliver a storage trailer or smaller containers on wheels directly to your home so that you can pack up your belongings on your own time schedule. You don’t have to work at a frantic pace if you don’t want to. Take your time and pack as slowly or as quickly as you’d like. You can take days, weeks or even months to prepare for your move.

Most mobile storage companies will help you assess the number of storage containers that you need for your move. One advantage to using a storage container on wheels is that this allows you to pack your house room by room. You can designate a mobile storage container for each room or two rooms depending upon the number of belongings in each room.

Once you’ve finished packing up, the company will deliver your belongings to your new home. Or, if you have a delay before you are take possession of your new home, most mobile storage companies will safely store your belongings at their secure location. It’s truly a convenient option.

When moving day arrives, the company will deliver your things to your new home; if you’ve packed room by room, you’ll know exactly where each container’s contents belongs. Most containers on wheels are at ground level, so you won’t have to deal with lifting heavy items over your head and won’t have to trudge up and down a truck ramp all day.

Another advantage of portable storage is that you’ll be able to unpack on your own schedule. You don’t have to unpack each unit the day you arrive. You’ll have as long as you need to unpack at a reasonable pace.

If a local move is in your future, be sure to check out all your options. You may just find that a mobile storage company is the way to seamlessly manage your next move.

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