Add an Accent Piece to Your Kitchen

by Jane VanOsdol on August 17, 2011

Are you looking to establish a design element in your kitchen, something that will be a pivotal feature in this room? Many people have a one-of-a-kind backsplash or mural that becomes a focal point in their kitchen. Well, another way home improvement designers are doing this today is by adding a splash of color where in years past you’d never expect it—in the cabinetry or related design elements.

Island Surprise

It’s no surprise that islands are the workhorses of the kitchen. So versatile, they handle everything from food prep to storage to housing appliances with ease. Rather than assimilating them into the rest of the cabinetry in the kitchen, today’s designers are shining the design spotlight fully on islands by making them stand out from the rest of the cabinetry with color. If a kitchen has all bright white cabinetry, for example, a designer may come along and paint the island a shade of baby blue or fire-engine red. This elevates the status of the island to the star-of-the-kitchen, and you can then pick up this pop of color in other accessories throughout the room.

Furniture-like Pieces

A similar idea is being implemented with other objects in a kitchen remodel as well. Another kitchen trend is to incorporate furniture-like pieces into the design scheme, either with freestanding pieces or built-ins. Popular choices are hutches, pie safes, and buffets. Again, the furniture piece is purposefully painted a color that is different from the rest of the cabinets to make it stand out and become like a large piece of artwork. This is enhanced by adding details and architectural features such as corbels, mullioned doors, fancy feet, pilasters and arched door openings. When all the other cabinetry is wood, a large piece like this will certainly stand out when painted green.


Another way to add an accent to your kitchen is by varying the cabinets themselves. Instead of keeping all the cabinets the same color, designers are changing things up in a couple of different ways. First of all, they may make all the upper cabinets one color and all the lower cabinets a different color. Or they will just choose a random cabinet here and there amidst the others and swap out the color. For example if the majority of the cabinets are brown, a designer may pick out a few random cabinets and change them to yellow. Finally, designers are also changing up the layout of the cabinets. Instead of hanging all the upper cabinets at a uniform height, you can now find cabinets hung at staggered heights to create an interesting visual presentation.

As you begin your kitchen remodeling project, think about what you want to be the focal point. You may be surprised at how taking an ordinary cupboard or hutch and painting it and adding a few architectural elements can transform it into the star of the kitchen.

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