5 Luxurious Touches for Your Bathroom

by Jane VanOsdol on July 28, 2011

Life can keep you on the run. Between your job, household chores and your family, you may be feeling a bit frazzled by the day’s end. It’s important to have a space where you can unwind before the demands of tomorrow arrive. Adding a few luxurious touches to your master bathroom can help transform it into that peaceful, relaxing space that will let you shut the world out and rejuvenate mind and body.

Radiant Floor Heating. If you detest tiptoeing across your chilly bathroom floor on frosty winter mornings, you’re going to love radiant floor heating. Just as it sounds, this heating system heats the room from your floor up. You can choose between two types of radiant heating:  hydronic and electric. If you want the radiant heat throughout your whole home, then you’ll want to choose hydronic. This is not a cheap expenditure; it could run well over $10,000 depending upon the size of your home. The better choice for installing radiant floor heating in just your bathroom would be electric radiant heating. In this method, an electric blanket-like pad is laid under your floor. Panels in the pad contain wire coils that are controlled with a thermostat and timer. For an averaged-sized bathroom, the cost should be in the $400 to $700 range.

Soaking tubs. Soaking tubs continue to be a must-have luxury item for bathroom home improvements, and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) said in a May 16, 2011 press release that freestanding rounded, rectangular or angled tubs are at the forefront of bathroom design. In fact, they are being used almost as an artistic, sculptural focal point of the bathroom, being set on wood, tile, stone, or sometimes upon a small “stage” in the bathroom. If you already have a soaking tub, you can restore it to a like-new glistening finish with a professional tub refinishing.

Music. While you are relaxing in your soaking tub, the soothing strains of Mozart will only add to the ambiance.  You can make music a permanent feature in your bathroom by  having it wired for surround sound, or you can simply choose to customize a shelf to hold your iPod and Klipsch or Bose speakers.

Glass tiles. The luster and sparkle of textured glass tiles twinkling at you every day simply makes your bathroom look like a million dollars. Lining your shower with these stunning tiles will make you feel as if you have been instantly transported to a far more exotic locale.

Natural Elements. Incorporating natural elements into your bathroom adds a touch of sophistication, especially when that element is a beautiful agate or granite slab for your bathroom countertop. As the light plays across your countertop throughout the day, you’ll notice different veins of color that sparkle and dance. A sink refinishing will set off your countertop to perfection.

Try adding one of the above luxurious touches into your bathroom. Your own private retreat will soothe the frantic out of your day, refreshing you for the next one on its way.

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