Plant Some Privacy into Your Yard

by Jane VanOsdol on July 21, 2011

With summer, comes all the fun outdoor activities such as gardening, swimming, grilling and relaxing on your patio or deck. It may be, however, that you’d like a bit more privacy for your yard. Perhaps your backyard is just a few feet away from or looks directly into your neighbors’ yards. Without appearing to be anti-social, there are several things you can do to increase your privacy, while at the same time beautifying your landscape.

  • Install a privacy screen on your deck or patio. These are widely available in big-box stores, or you could have your local landscape design professional custom make one for you to match your deck or patio. You can enhance the privacy screen by planting climbing vines at the base of the screen so that they cover the screen.
  • Purchase a patio umbrella that will help filter the sunshine as well as add a bit of privacy to the area. With so many colors and patterns available, you’ll be sure to find one that you love and will enhance your patio. Add a colorful outdoor rug as well to anchor the space.
  • Consider adding a stone fireplace. A mason can construct a large fireplace for you outside that if strategically placed could add privacy for you. It will also add instant entertainment value, as it’s the perfect spot for hosting get-togethers and toasting marshmallows under the stars.
  • Plant trees. Consult with your landscaping services to find the best fast-growing trees for your area. Generally, landscaping serviceshowever, cypress tress, American holly trees (some varieties have very sharp leaves), and arborvitaes grow quickly to provide a lush privacy screen for your home. One variety in particular to try that is touted as a fast grower is Thuja Green Giant. This variety can grow from three to five feet per year.
  • Plant shrubs. Flowering shrubs can also be speedy growers and add beautiful flowers, which give you the added bonus of attracting birds and butterflies. Lilacs and butterfly bushes would be two great additions to your yard. You’ll also want to check out Twilight Crape Myrtle, which grows 3 to 5 feet each year. One hedge that grows fairly quickly and gives you stunning color in the fall is fire bush. When autumn arrives, you’ll have a hedge full of brilliant red leaves.
  • Try ornamental grasses. If you need a screen between your yard and the road, plant some ornamental grass. Some varieties can reach between 7 to 10 feet tall and spread out quite a bit too. The grasses come in two varieties, warm- and cool-season grass, so you’ll want to choose a variety that will provide you some summer coverage.

Increase your privacy and the beauty of your yard with these simple tips. You’ll get more use out of your yard, and you’ll have a beautiful landscape to show for it too!

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