Classic Victorian Bathroom Remodel

by Jane VanOsdol on July 19, 2011

If you’re looking for a classic design style for your bathroom remodel, you can’t go wrong with Victorian. While this style dates from 1860 to about 1900, it still looks just as fresh and appealing in today’s home as it did back then.

Fresh is an operative word in Victorian style. Cleanliness was a focus of the design philosophy during the Victorian era. With that in mind, bathrooms built during that era often were designed with an all-white color scheme, which is still a popular look today too. If all white is to much of a good thing for you, add a hint of color to accent the white; a soft, pale blue would be a perfect choice.

As you’re deciding upon the fixtures to use in your Victorian bath remodeling project, keep in mind to avoid rectangular and square-shaped fixtures as much as possible. Round or oval shapes are in vogue for a Victorian bathroom. Look for ornate, claw-foot tubs for your bathroom. Likewise, the bathroom sink should be a curvaceous pedestal sink or a washstand with thin legs and exposed plumbing. Indoor plumbing was a new, welcome convenience during this era, so it was a usual occurrence to see exposed pipes in the bathroom.

Smooth surfaces were also typical in Victorian bathrooms. To enhance the white color scheme, cool marble or tile was chosen for the floors. Both of these materials enhance a room, giving it a timeless appeal. The sinks and tubs were coated with glossy porcelain. All of these smooth, white surfaces made it a snap to spot and wipe up dirt.

The walls in a Victorian bathroom were often covered with white beadboard, raised wood paneling or glazed subway tile. Again, these surfaces were chosen for their ease of upkeep. Another possibility for the walls is to use wallpaper with ornate patterns. This material, however, is much harder to maintain, especially in a bathroom where high humidity is normal.

For accessories for your Victorian bath remodeling project, think of luxurious touches such as mirrored vanity trays, ornate round mirrors mounted on the wall and standing mirrors for the vanity. Add a few beautiful vases with flowers and some glass perfume bottles for an elegant touch. To complete the look, add some well-chosen plush rugs and towels draped around the room.

If Victorian is your style, you’re in luck, because its clean lines and luxurious styles will be a welcome addition in homes for years to come.

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