5 Tips to Better Bathroom Storage

by Jane VanOsdol on July 8, 2011

Do you struggle to find storage in your small bathroom? If so, you understand the frustration of cluttered countertops and overflowing cabinets. You can ease some of your frustrations by incorporating space-saving and storage-adding ideas into your bathroom. Let’s look at five tips to conquer inefficient bathroom storage.

Repurpose a hamper. Laundry hampers don’t have to be just for dirty laundry. If you lack a linen closet in your bathroom, why not use a stylish hamper for storing clean towels? They’ll be out of sight, and you won’t have to trek down the hallway every time you need a clean towel. Just be sure your family understands the arrangement so they’re not throwing dirty laundry on top of the clean towels.

Add a coat rack. Add a standing coat rack to your bathroom for hanging drying towels. It won’t take up much room, yet it will hold several towels. Or, try adding a wall coat rack with hooks to your bathroom wall. You’ll be able to fit more towels on it than you would a towel rack of the same size.

Make use of door space. Take advantage of the back of the bathroom door or the back of a bathroom closet door, if you have one. You can purchase over-the-door hangers with hooks for bathrobes, clothing or towels. Or hang a cloth shoe organizer with several pockets on the back of the door. You’ll be able to store everything from hair accessories and appliances to cosmetics in the roomy pockets. Just be sure any meds are safe from little hands.

Add office accessories. It may sound crazy, but shop for bathroom storage in the office supply store. Purchase desktop plastic drawer containers to hold all your skin care and accessories that you may not want sitting out on the counter but do want to be accessible. Look for a drawer set that has a deep bottom drawer with shallow upper drawers. That way you’ll be able to stand taller bottles in the bottom. If you feel like the drawer looks to “officey,” cover it with contact paper in a shade that matches your bathroom.

Recess a cabinet. If you just don’t have the floor space to set a cabinet on, check into the possibility of purchasing a shallow cabinet and having it recessed into the wall. A floor-to-ceiling cabinet will give you lots of storage space, without taking up an inch of floor space.

When working with a small bathroom, don’t settle for zero home storage. Think outside the box and add some creative storage home improvements that will make your bathroom an efficient, stylish space!

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