Easy-care Landscaping

by Jane VanOsdol on June 27, 2011

Most homeowners love the look of a nicely manicured garden on their property.   Blooming flowers, herbs and shrubs are all beautiful additions to any yard. But what if you don’t have much time to put into gardening? Are you doomed to a dull, drab yard? Not if you plan carefully and choose low-maintenance plants and materials. Let’s consider some ideas that will have your yard looking like it could grace the pages of a gardening magazine without demanding much time on your part.

  1. Cut down on your grass. One way to make your yard low maintenance is to do away with or reduce the amount of grass you have in your yard. Try replacing the grass with gravel, brick or flagstone. Flagstone is the most expensive of the three at about $20 per square foot. Brick comes in next at about $15 per square foot. Either of these would make a gorgeous low-to-no maintenance patio area. Add some outdoor patio furniture and interesting colorful elements like potted plants and glass gazing balls, and you’ll have a stunning outdoor living area. If you need to do this on a budget, then forgo the stone or brick and opt for the gravel. Gravel only costs about $4 per square foot, and you can actually plant certain types of plants like succulents in it. You can also try replacing grass with drought-tolerant sedum, which will grow as a ground cover. Your local landscaping services company can help you with this endeavor.
  2. Add succulents. Succulents are such an easy-care plant. You can grow them in pots and in the ground–right in the gravel. They need well-drained soil, so if you’re growing them in pots, add some gravel to the bottom of the pot for drainage before planting them. They also like to dry out between waterings. Try some of the following succulents in your landscaping.
  • Hens and chicks
  • Aloe striata
  • Cotyledon ‘octopus’
  • Burro’s tail
  • Mexican hens
  • Watch chain
  • Aloe Zanzibar
  • Echeveria
  • Agave celsii
  • ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum
  • Yellow flowering sedum

3.  Grow ornamental grasses. Once ornamental grasses are established, they’re low maintenance. Consult with your local gardening lawn care services because ornamental grasses come in warm weather and cool weather varieties. They’ll be able to recommend the right ones for your yard. A few to look into include purple fountain grass, yellow pampas grass, Mexican feather grass and blue oat grass.

It is possible to have a magazine-worthy garden with a minimal time investment. Plan wisely and you’ll soon have a yard that’s the envy of all the neighbors.

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