Bathroom on a Budget

by Jane VanOsdol on June 22, 2011

Is your powder room an eyesore that you’d love to remodel, but you’re just not sure you’ve got the budget to do it? Why not redo that bathroom on a budget? It’s completely possible to get a bathroom that looks like a million bucks without spending that.

Flooring. You have several options for cheap flooring. After you rip out your old flooring, take a look at the sub flooring. One possibility is to sand down the floor and paint it. Stencil a design on the floor that resembles a rug and then seal it with several coats of varnish. Another option is vinyl tiles.Vinyl comes in an amazing array of styles designed to look like their real counterparts at a fraction of the price. You can find vinyl that looks like wood, stone and tile,  just to name a few examples. If your room is small, you can probably afford to purchase ceramic tile, since you won’t need much of it anyway. Look for sales, closeouts and leftovers at garage sales.

Walls. Paint is cheap and versatile. You can use faux techniques to simulate many different looks, which will add interesting detail to the room at a budget price. If you need some color inspiration, pick up the brochures in paint stores featuring their suggested paint palettes. Designers have done all the work for you, so you know their suggested colors will work well together. Wallpaper can be another economical option. Look for paintable wallpaper to add texture to your walls.

Fixtures. if you need a new vanity, and you’re handy, you could build one using any leftover lumber you may have from previous projects. You could also check selvage yards, garage sales, and closeout sales for fixtures you may need. If your sink is in good shape, consider a sink refinish instead of replacing it. It’s a much cheaper fix and will look like new and last for several years. You can even change the color of the sink (and your tub, too, if you need a tub refinish) for a completely different look.

Accessories. Savvy shoppers enjoy the thrill of finding bargain bathroom accessories in all sorts of places. Garage sales, discount stores, and Goodwill are all stores where a shopper with a discriminating eye can pick up a bargain. Keep open to the potential of how you could make over an item with a can of spray paint or a sanding and a new coat of stain and varnish.

A bathroom home improvement doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. Using some ingenuity and bargain finds, you can have a new bathroom at a budget-friendly price.

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