Kitchen Corner Creativity

by Jane VanOsdol on June 13, 2011

What’s one of the areas that wastes the most space in kitchens? If you said corners, you’re right! Taking advantage of all the useable space in your kitchen can be tricky when it comes to figuring out what to do with an odd corner or two. Let’s consider a few home improvement ideas for smart space-saving use of these areas.

Kitchen Corner Creativity

  1. Tried and true.  Lazy Susans have been around for hundreds of years, and they still are one of the smartest choices for using the wasted space in a corner. They’re great for everything from spices to oils to baking supplies. Just be sure you check the stability of the shelves. You don’t want to load the shelves with heavy items if they don’t have sturdy support.
  2. Appliance garages. What a brilliant idea for taking advantage of a spacious corner by fitting it with an appliance garage. You can find these in straight or corner units, and they will hold a number of kitchen appliances to get them out of the way and off your counters when not in use. Most of them come with a pull down door. Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Corner sink. That’s right; you may not have thought of putting your sink in the corner, but some people are doing just that. Whether you opt to use this  as your main sink, or install a smaller bar sink, it can be a handy use of the space. Have your kitchen remodeling professional install a cabinet underneath the sink to house all your cleaning supplies.
  4. Wall bench. A corner is an ideal spot to add a wrap-around wall bench and table. It will create a cozy area for dining, playing games or relaxing with a cup of tea. Customize it to your measurements and choose your choice of materials—all wood, cushioned vinyl seats or a sturdy cloth.
  5. Pantry. Designers have hit upon a creative use of this corner space:  a full-length lazy Susan pantry with a sliding pocket door.  Several rotating shelves allow for easy access and give you plenty of storage that disappears behind the sliding pocket door.
  6. Corner hutch. Call a carpentry expert to design a corner hutch for your kitchen. Whether it’s built-in or free standing, it will add style and storage to your kitchen.

Your kitchen corners don’t have to be space wasters.  Try one of these solutions for kitchen corner creativity, and you’ll add both function and style to your kitchen.

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