Seeing Pink

by Jane VanOsdol on May 30, 2011

Pink has always been a popular color choice for little girls rooms, but did you know that pink is for grown-ups too? Bypass the bubble gum pink and go for more natural shades that will add a pop of color to a room. From pale shades to bright pinks, this color can add tranquility or energy to a room.

Spas know the secret of designing rooms that are peaceful and tranquil—and those rooms often use the color pink to help create that serene atmosphere. If you’d like to find a shade of pink that will help you create that peaceful atmosphere in your home for your next home improvement project, try Reverie Pink by Behr. It’s a soft, dusty color with a hint of lilac that will calm and relax you.

Soft pinks are also perfect shades to use in bathrooms. They reflect light well, provide a warm cast and give skin a healthy appearance. Who doesn’t need that? If you’re looking for a perfect painting shade for your powder room, try Ballet Slipper Pink from Martha Stewart Living.

If a sassy shade of pink is what you’re after, then you’ll love Peony by Benjamin Moore. This bright shade will be perfect for a hip space that will energize the room. Designers share their tip of pairing bright shades of pink with grays, which serve to tone down the overall brightness of the room and help to give the eyes a break. These two colors complement each other perfectly. If you don’t quite have the courage to try this shade on a wall, why not try it on a piece of furniture, such as a dresser you pick up at a yard sale? You’ll still have the sassy effect you want, but on a lesser level.

An absolutely sublime hue to try out for your interior painting project, perhaps in your bedroom or office, is Odessa from Ace Hardware. This pink with a hint of peach will infuse your room with color. When you pair it with a dusty blue and warm orange, your room will take on an exotic look.

If you’re just not sure about trying pink on your walls, definitely incorporate it into a room with accent pieces and accessories. Bedding, pillows, flowers, art work, vases, rugs and other accessories can all be used to bring some of this happy color into a room.

Pink isn’t just for the little girl in your life. Try out some of the grown-up shades to see what you’ve been missing!

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