Nature-Inspired Bathroom

by Jane VanOsdol on May 29, 2011

Do blue skies, lush green plants and bright sunshine revive you? If so, why not try capturing some of the outdoors into your next bath remodel?  Incorporating nature into your décor can help you create a tranquil, spa-like space in your next bathroom home improvement project.

Picture courtesy of Lowes Creative Ideas

To start off, think about what type of materials from nature that you could use in the bathroom. Tile and stone are two obvious choices for the floor and walls and countertops. Ceramic tile would, of course, work well anywhere in the bathroom—from the floor to the walls to the shower. Slate tile is another great choice for the bathroom floor. It’s dark, earthy color would fit right in.

Granite or marble would be a logical choice for a bathroom countertop if you need a new one. If not, just consider a sink refinish to spruce up your current sink and make it look like new.

Bamboo is another material that would be equally at home in a nature-inspired bathroom. As a matter of fact, you’ll find just about every accessory imaginable for the bathroom in bamboo. Look for wastebaskets, tissue holders, baskets, bath mats, towels and shower curtains all in bamboo. You can even find your bathroom cabinetry in bamboo if you desire. To match the fresh look you’ll be creating, be sure to spring for a bathtub refinish so that your tub will be as gleaming as the rest of the bathroom.

To pick your color palette, you need only look at the materials you’ve picked thus far for inspiration—the colors of nature. Earthy tones like browns and greens and blues are all good choices. Choose a pleasing color combination of tiles and/or stones and paint for the walls and floor.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large window, take advantage of all that natural light in the bathroom and choose a window treatment that allows for privacy, but lets in lots of light—perhaps a bamboo shade?

When it comes time to decorate, again incorporate nature into your selections. If you’re a decent photographer, snap some shots of flowers, trees and water and frame them for your bathroom walls.

Finally, add some live greenery to your bathroom to really capture the feel of nature. The following plants should do well in the indirect light and high humidity of a bathroom:  philodendron, Chinese evergreen, African violet and peace lily.

So when it comes time for your next bathroom home improvement, try capturing the color and serenity of the outdoors and bring it inside.

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