Put Some Zing into Your Bedroom Decor with a Headboard

by Jane VanOsdol on May 16, 2011

Is your bedroom décor lacking a little zing? Why not inject some style and color into the room by making a headboard for your bed? This project is fairly easy to do, and it will make a stunning focal point for the room. It’s also customizable to whatever color scheme you already have going on in the room.

To start out, you’ll want to go to your favorite big box store and purchase a hollow-core bifold door. The width of the doors needs to be about the same as your bed, so you may need to purchase more than one door. If you can, purchase a door that is primed and ready to be painted. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase primer as well as the paint colors of your choice. Also purchase a few D-rings (one for each panel), painters tape, nails or screws and painting supplies.

Once you’re ready to begin this home improvement project, the first step is to remove any hinges from the doors, because you will be hanging each of the finished panels separately above your bed. If the doors don’t come primed, then paint them with the primer and let them dry.

Possible panel design

Now figure out what type of design you want to paint on the panels. A good way to do this is to get some paper and sketch out three rectangles representing the panels on the paper. Then experiment by sketching out different shapes on your panels. For example, you could choose to sketch out stripes of varying sizes randomly placed on the panels. Some could be thinner stripes, some could be 2-foot-stripes of blocks of color.

When you have a design you like, transfer it to your panels using a level and a pencil to get straight lines.  Be sure you have all the panels laid out next to each other, so that you can see the big picture of the design as you go along. Also consider whether you’re going to hang the panels all at the same height, or if you’d rather hang the middle panel a little lower or higher than the other two to give a interesting look to the headboard. Now it’s time to decide on your paint color. Incorporating several different colors into this design will give the headboard an artistic feel. One great way is to pick several paint samples in a color that complements your room and then use most or all of the colors on the paint sample for your stripes.

For example, say you want to paint your headboard in adobe, earth tone colors for your project. The following color swatches from Behr may work perfectly for you. The color swatch 230D has four colors for you to use, ranging from the lightest to the deepest hues:  230D-4 Pecos Spice; 230D-5 Aztec Brick; 230D-6 Iced Tea; and, 230D-7 Cinnamon Brandy. Using these four shades, paint the stripes in any combination of colors that pleases you. Use painters tape to separate the different stripes. Let the panels dry.

When dry, anchor the panels with D-rings near the top of each panel and then nail or screw into the wall.

Voila! You have an inexpensive, but beautiful headboard that also doubles as a work of art for your room. Home improvements don’t have to be expensive or difficult to make a dramatic difference. With a little of your time and creativity, you can put some zing back into your bedroom décor.

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