Clean Up the Clutter

by Jane VanOsdol on May 9, 2011

Maybe it’s happened so gradually that like the proverbial frog in the pot, you didn’t know it was happening until the water was boiling. What am I talking about? Clutter. It might be that one morning after tripping over a pile for the umpteenth time, you looked around and realized that your room was a cluttery mess.

That’s happened to many of us. We don’t know what to do with papers, mail, books, clothes—you name it—so we stack them. The stacks grow and before we know it, we’ve given birth to a mess.

Many people have discovered the home improvement solution of storage containers. Storage containers can be the answer for homes that are stuffed with just too much stuff, and they’re perfect for whatever stage of life you find yourself in. Perhaps you’re a family with young children. The baby is now four-years-old. Taking up precious space in your home is all the paraphernalia associated with babies:  cribs, playpens, swings, bouncers, walkers, highchairs, toys and bags of clothes. If you’re not ready to sell the items yet, you can free up some space by storing them in a storage unit.

Or maybe you’re at the opposite end of the family scale. Your “baby” just left for college and as an emptynester, you find yourself needing to downsize, but wanting to save some of the furniture for your kids’ first apartments or houses. Storage is the perfect solution.

Today’s storage companies offer several options. You can still haul your items to a storage pod yourself, or you can take advantage of the convenient storage facilities that deliver portable containers directly to your door.

These movable containers on wheels are the ultimate easy solution to all your storage needs. The containers are dropped off at your door for as long as you need them. You can take your time filling them up. Many of them are ground level, so that eliminates heavy lifting over your head. They’re also available in different sizes, so you can be certain you’re not paying for any wasted space. You get to choose the size you need.

Once the containers are filled, you simply call the company back,and they come pick up the container to store on their lot or in their warehouse. Or, if you prefer, many companies allow you to store the container on your premises for even greater convenience.

If you’re tired of the clutter and mess, a storage unit is the perfect solution to free up some space in both your home and your life.

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