Singing the Blues

by Jane VanOsdol on May 3, 2011

Are you in love with the blues? Blue color, that is. If so, you’re in luck because there’s a bevy of beautiful blue shades on the market from the lightest robin eggs blues to the deepest Caribbean blues. The hardest part for you will be choosing your favorite shade.

The color blue just abounds in nature—you only need look to the sky, gaze at the ocean or reflect on the flowers in your garden to find inspiring shades of blue. How do you go about incorporating the color into your home?

One rule of thumb to keep in mind when painting is that the brighter your room is, the deeper a color you can use on the walls. If the room has lots of windows and is usually glowing with light, you can feel more confident in choosing a deeper color for the walls. But if your room tends to be dark, then you need to choose a lighter or paler shade of blue so as not to overwhelm your the room. Often times, you can get by with painting just one wall a deeper shade and then choose a lighter shade for the other walls.

If you’d like to evoke the image of the sky in a room for your next home improvement project, try painting your ceiling with a pale shade of blue. Experiment with the shades Glacier Bay (500-A), Soar (501-A) and Pale Sky (560-A) all from Behr.

Blue tends to be a cool color, but you can find it in warmer shades (usually has yellow undertones). One warmer shade to try is Meander Blue ( SW 6484) by Sherwin Williams. This is a gorgeous pale aqua shade that would turn your bedroom into a soothing retreat. Pair that with espresso-colored bedding and accessories for a delightful combination.

If you’d like to recapture the feel of the room in your favorite seaside cottage, why not try out Benjamin Moore’s Seaside Blue (2054-50)? Decorate with some of your collections of beach finds like shells, beach glass and driftwood to create a year-round retreat for you.

Finally, if you love the intense dark shades of blue such as High Tide (27B7) by True Value Paints, go ahead and use them, albeit in small doses. Paint a small bookshelf or table in this hue, which will inject a burst of color without overwhelming the room.

Go ahead and capture the beauty of the outdoors inside your home with these beautiful shades of blue. You’ll soon see the harmonious colors of nature reflected within the rooms of your own home.

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