Fast Bathroom Makeover

by Jane VanOsdol on April 25, 2011

Are you longing to give your bathroom a face lift but don’t have a lot of money to put into the effort?  Two simple changes can completely freshen up the look of your bathroom for under $500.

One of the hottest looks going today in kitchens and bathrooms is the clean, open look for cupboards and shelving. Take a peek into designer kitchens, and you’ll often find doorless cupboards displaying colorful dishes and knickknacks.

Well, this look has migrated into other rooms of the house, including the bathroom. One popular way to update the look of your bathroom is to simply remove your cupboard or closet doors. If you’re thinking in horror of the thought of putting your messy cupboards and closets on display for all the world to see, realize that a little organization will be involved in this home improvement project.

First of all, remove the doors and store them in a handy place just in case you want to put them back on some day. Now it’s time to tackle the mess in the cupboard. Weed through all the bottles, boxes and accessories and throw out what is old, expired or never used. You now will have a good idea of the amount of items you actually need to store. Group similar items together, such as first aid items, skin care, shampoos, etc. to be stored together. Measure the size of your shelves and then go out and purchase some stylish baskets or totes to hold all your bathroom items.

Unless your shelves are in great shape, you’re probably going to want to paint the inside of you’re your cupboards and the shelves, especially if you need to cover up any marks from removing hardware. You can always paint the shelves and cupboard trim a crisp white and then choose a soothing shade of mint green or yellow for the interior, or whatever matches your current decor.

After the paint is dry, fill your baskets with your toiletries and place on the shelves. It really does give a whole new vibe to the room.

Another quick fix that will brighten up the room is to schedule a bathtub refinish or a shower refinish. Getting the grunge off of your shower tiles or having a sparkling new surface applied to your bathtub will make it appear as if you’ve purchased a whole new unit—at a fraction of the cost of actually buying one.

You don’t have to spend a mint to have your bathroom look in mint condition. By simply opening up your shelves and letting a bathtub refinisher work his magic, your bathroom will feel like a whole new space.

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