Log Cabin Sleeping Porch

by Jane VanOsdol on April 22, 2011

The rustic and serene appeal of a log cabin is hard to resist. Babbling brooks and towering pines just seem to go hand-in-hand with log cabins. If you’re lucky enough to own a log cabin you know how the outdoors is reflected throughout the structure and décor of the interior. One room that bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor space in a log cabin is a sleeping porch.

Sleeping porches were popular a generation or two ago before the advent of air conditioning. They provided a cool retreat from summer’s heat and are again enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Not just for sleeping, sleeping porches are a versatile space that you can use for a spare guest bedroom, casual entertaining, a welcome respite from the heat on hot summer nights and as a fun space for your kids to host slumber parties. They’re so versatile, in fact, that you’ll wonder how you’ve gotten along without one.

It helps to keep a few things in mind as you’re setting up your sleeping porch in your log home.

1.     Screen it in. Any screened-in porch will work. Sleeping porches are so convenient, because they’re outside, yet you eliminate many of the pesky bug problems.

2.     Add a bed or two. Figure out who will be using the space the most and add the appropriate beds. If the kids will be using this space frequently, bunk beds and trundle beds will be in order. You may even want to set up a summer camp feel with multiple beds. If this is going to be a space for adults, outfit the room with a comfy queen bed. If you want the bed to be more functional, purchase a day bed that can double as a couch during the day.

3.     Take advantage of the fresh breezes. Add a ceiling fan to help waft the breezes on a stuffy evening. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

4.     Purchase other furniture. Think about how you want to use the room. The addition of a small table and chairs will give you a cozy little dining nook. Rocking chairs will invite you to sit down and while away the afternoon with a good book.

5.     Consider your materials. Remember this space is outdoors and is subject to changing weather conditions. You’ll need to purchase water-resistant furnishings and bedding. If they aren’t water-resistant, keep them stored away and only bring them out when you have the all clear.

6.     Decide on a décor. Make the spot comfy for who will be in there. If it’s kids, decorate with kid-friendly things like puzzles, books, toys, flashlights and blankets. Adults will appreciate a small fridge with beverages and snacks, a few candles to set a romantic atmosphere and the evening paper or the latest good read.

Although a throw back to days gone by, sleeping porches are anything but outdated. You’ll enjoy sleeping under the stars—all within the comfort of your own log home.

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