Add a Covered Porch for Summer Entertaining

by Jane VanOsdol on April 16, 2011

From swaying in a hammock to hosting outdoor barbecues, you just can’t beat the warm months of spring and summer. If your family is all about outdoor living and entertaining, why not expand your outdoor space with a covered porch or patio?

A covered porch or patio gives you the best of both worlds:  an open-air outdoor living space with the added protection of a roof. It’s a perfect space to welcome your family and friends or to just enjoy yourself when you need a little silence and solitude. And, having the covered porch gives you the added benefit of being able to use the space when it’s lightly raining.

If you need to lay a floor for the area, you may want to consider pavers. Your general contractor can help you choose from natural stone pavers, concrete pavers or brick pavers. Of the three choices, stone pavers are the most expensive, because they have to be dug out of the earth at stone quarries, instead of being manufactured as are concrete and brick pavers. Brick is the next expensive, and concrete is the least expensive, because its raw materials cost less to produce.

If it works out in your design, it would be a convenient feature to have a room in your home open up to your covered patio or porch with a set of French doors or a sliding glass door. Perhaps your kitchen is located just off of the patio space. Make an extension of your indoor space out onto your patio. Purchase some outdoor furniture and accessories to complement this space. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful, functional furniture with weather-resistant cushions that you’ll have to choose from. You can set up lovely seating areas, complete with couches, chairs, tables, outdoor lamps and accessories. Sears carries an assortment of outdoor furniture, including a line by “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” host Ty Pennington.

If you want to include some of the features of indoor living in your outdoor home remodeling project, you can have the space wired for electricity to include audio-visual equipment for your use—a boon for music lovers.

As a finishing touch, add planter boxes and pots filled with flowers and herbs to incorporate inviting greenery and color into the space. Impatiens, ferns, coleus, and hostas are good shade-loving varieties, while petunias, lavender and marigolds would thrive in sunny areas.

You just can’t go wrong by adding a covered porch or patio to your home. Potential buyers will love the space, and it will probably become the most popular hang-out area in your home.

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