Monochromatic Color Brings Harmony

by Jane VanOsdol on April 4, 2011

Are you drowning in color strip samples from your local paint store? Trying to come up with a color scheme for your home can be a daunting task. Simplify things by taking a hint from Sherwin-Williams senior designer Becky Ralich Spak. She suggests adopting a monochromatic color scheme for your home by incorporating several colors from one color strip in the different rooms of your home.

A monochromatic color scheme will help create a sophisticated look for your home, because all the colors flow together well. There’ll be harmony and balance from room to room throughout your house.

For example, say you like the colors on color swatch 290 D by Behr paints. This color swatch or strip contains four colors:  Arizona (290D-4), Apple Crisp (290D-5), Acorn (290D-6) and Crispy Gingersnap (290D-7).

Using Spak’s suggestion, you could begin by painting your entryway in Arizona. It’s the lightest color and makes the entrance to your home a cheerful, inviting space. Perhaps you would then paint your living room in Apple Crisp. It’s a warm shade that will make your guests feel right at home. Acorn is a deeper shade that would work perfectly for your dining room. Finally, Crispy Gingersnap is a deep, warm mocha/brown that would fit right in with your kitchen. If you don’t want all of the kitchen walls such a deep hue, then use it as an accent color for one wall and paint the rest of the walls in one of the lighter shades, perhaps Arizona.

The beauty of using the monochromatic color scheme is that all the colors mix and match so well together. You just can’t go wrong with this home improvement. You can feel the flow of the colors as you go from room to room in your home.

This is also a versatile color scheme too. You can inject a punch of color by choosing a contrasting color to paint one wall of a room or an entire room if you so choose. If you choose to paint an entire room in a contrasting color, than incorporate one of the colors from the monochromatic scheme into the room in some way to help balance and tie all the colors together.

Another rule of thumb Spak suggests is to highlight any interesting architectural elements in your home, such as columns, tray ceilings and chair moldings, with a different paint color than what you have used for the rest of the room. For example, if you have painted the living room in Apple Crisp and it has an interesting built-in shelf, try painting the shelf in Crispy Gingersnap to highlight it  and make it a focal point of the room.

Finally, using your monochromatic color scheme, purchase accessories to pull together all the finishing details for your home. You can choose in confidence, knowing that anything you buy will match the rooms.

Far from being a boring choice, using a monochromatic color scheme can make your home come alive with color, while bringing a sense of harmony and sophistication to your home and to your life.

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