Spice Up Your Home With Color

by Jane VanOsdol on March 23, 2011

Do the warm, exotic places of far away call to you? If so, why not try capturing some of this spice in your home with your paint palette? Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or giving your bedroom an upgrade, the hues of oranges, reds, and earthy browns will inject a zesty feel to any room.

It can be confusing trying to come up with a complementary palette of colors on your own—especially if you don’t feel that color is your forte.  Fortunately, today’s paint companies make that job so much easier by designing color palettes for us.

PPG Pittsburgh Paints has put together the Voice of Color collection sure to please your exotic tastes. Check out their Desert Spice collection. This is composed of five colors that will make your room pop with color: Allspice, Belgian Waffle, Gingerbread, Autumn Ridge and Pumpkin Bar, which cover the gamut of warm gold, spicy orange, deep red and a creamy white that will have you dreaming of exotic locales.

To incorporate these luscious colors into your décor, PPG has a few tips to coordinate your decorating scheme. When deciding upon your palette and your painting plan, PPG recommends the 60:30:10 rule to achieve beautiful and harmonious color in a room. Choose your favorite color and use it in 60% of all the visual elements in a room, including the walls, fabrics and accessories. Then choose the next color and use it in 30% of the room. Finally incorporate the remaining colors in 10% of the room.

Let’s say your home improvement project is painting your kitchen. Using the Desert Spice collection, you may choose Allspice, a warm golden caramel color, as your main color in the kitchen. Work that color into 60% of your room. Then choose the next color, perhaps Pumpkin Bar or Autumn Ridge (a deep red) into 30% of the room. One way to do this is to use this color on just one of your walls as a striking accent color to the Allspice. Finally, accessorize with the remaining colors in the palette. One tip is to slip your paint swatches into your pocket or purse when you’re out shopping. That makes it easy to shop for accessories such as artwork, vases, dishes and other fun things that will tie the whole room together.

If you’re trying to achieve professional results for your interior painting projects, take advantage of the palettes from painting companies. It will take the guesswork out of the myriad of color choices and put some zing into your space.

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