Add an Outdoor Kitchen with Indoor Style

by Jane VanOsdol on March 21, 2011

As we eagerly welcome the first warm days of spring, we can’t help but longingly think of barbecues and family parties on the patio. If you’d like to take your outdoor living space up a notch this year, why not consider expanding your outdoor living space to include a kitchen? Outdoor masonry kitchens are built to last, and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of nature while still having many of the amenities of your indoor kitchen.

Once you’ve decided to add an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to first decide on the size and layout of the kitchen. You can use an L-shaped or circular design—whatever best suits your needs and vision for the space. You’ll also want to choose what type of material you’ll want for the patio floor. Concrete, stamped concrete, natural flagstone and brick pavers are all popular choices. Stamped concrete is a particularly versatile choice. With stamped concrete you have a choice of patterns that are stamped into the concrete, which simulate the look of other types of stone. You can also add color to concrete, so if a vibrant patio is your heart’s desire, you can make it happen.

Most of the time, the structure of outdoor kitchens is built out of concrete blocks. Your home improvement professional will then cover the concrete blocks with a veneer of your choice—man-made stone, natural stone or brick. It simply depends on what type of look you prefer. Just as in an indoor kitchen remodel, you’ll get to choose a countertop too. Materials that work well for outdoor kitchen countertops are limestone, granite or concrete.

You’ll be amazed at the way your general contractor can customize your outdoor space. You can truly have most of the amenities of your indoor kitchen. You may choose to add a sink, side burners, grill, refrigerator, and stainless steel accessories like drawers, wastebaskets and paper towel holders. It goes without saying that the space will be wired for electricity, so you can use your favorite appliances outside such as blenders and mixers. Think of the possibilities with lighting too. You may want to blend your outdoor kitchen space with a living room area that can include furnishings and an outdoor flat screen TV. The possibilities are endless.

Add an outdoor kitchen for the ultimate in home entertaining. Whether you’ve got a wedding, graduation party, or business entertaining on your schedule, an outdoor kitchen will help you take it the next level.

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