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by Jane VanOsdol on March 2, 2011

If the colors of a French countryside lift your spirit, then remodeling your kitchen with a French country theme will transform your kitchen into a room that you delight in. Theses bright colors will leave you feeling energized and cheered every time you walk through the room.

Depending on where you are in France, decorating designs vary from one region of the country to the other. Often times when people are envisioning a French country design, they are thinking of the Provence area of France on the Mediterranean, with its scents and colors of lavender, roses, herbs and honey.

Painting your kitchen in the colors of Provence is made a little easier with some help from PPG Porter Paints. Their Almonds & Honey Carousel Palette takes the guesswork out of having to conjure up your own color palette. Five colors perfectly capture the look and feel of a French countryside:  Golden Slumber, Blue Odyssey, Vanilla Wafer, Burnt Red and Flax.

House painters often recommend the 60:30:10 rule when it comes to applying the colors in a palette. With the Carousel Palette as your inspiration, choose one color out of the palette to be the dominant color and use it in 60% of the room, incorporating it onto the walls, fabrics, floors and furniture. Then choose an intermediate color that will be used in 30% of the space, and finally use one or all of the remaining colors in the palette as accent colors in 10% of the space. Think of the trim, fabrics, art works and other accessories for these colors.

Bring into the mix a few other purely French details, and you’ll think you’re enjoying a peaceful breakfast on the French Riviera. For example, the French decorate the space just above their doorways with quaint pieces of pottery, paintings or old photos, just to name a few things. Bring in some of your accent colors here to really tie your theme together.

Luxurious, handmade details, albeit in smaller amounts, are another hallmark of French design. Try adding small pieces of lace or velvet to linen or cotton fabrics and incorporate them into chair cushions, curtains or tablecloths.  Toile is considered by many to be the epitome of a French fabric. Being that it is such a busy pattern, it may work best in a kitchen with simple detailing rather than in one that already has busy patterns in floor or wall tile.

Finally, hexagonal terra cotta tomette tiles have been a French flooring favorite for the last 200 years. Other types of tile flooring would work equally well in colors of reds, browns and oranges.

Paying attention to the details in your Provencal kitchen remodel will help you to create your own piece of an idyllic French cottage on the sunny Mediterranean.

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