Budget Bathroom Remodeling

by Jane VanOsdol on February 19, 2011

Do you have a bathroom that’s screaming for your attention, but maybe you don’t have quite the dollars for a major home improvement project? Well, don’t despair. With some creativity, hard work and a minimal amount of money, you can update the look of your bathroom until you’re ready to tackle a complete overhaul.

By implementing even just one of the following suggestions, you’ll have an updated look for your bathroom.

Let’s start with the walls. A new coat of paint will always make the space appear fresher right away. You can pick a faux painting technique to add even more interest to the space. Consider any of the following painting techniques to add drama and a richer look to the space.

  • Venetian technique. In this technique, you add joint compound in a swirling motion to the wall to create texture. Once that has dried, you paint over it. You’ll need drywall mud knives and a drywall mud tray for this task.
  • Rag washing. In this technique you use a mixture of paint, glaze and possibly polyacrylic to create this look. You’ll need a clean cotton rag and a short nap roller too.
  • Feathering. Feathering involves applying a base coat of color to the walls and then applying a slightly different color of top coat with a feather duster. This is an easy project to do, as you don’t have to worry about the direction you’re feathering in.
  • Stripes. You can simulate the look of wide horizontal striped wallpaper by taping off your wall and painting your stripes in different colors or shades.

Next consider your flooring. Depending upon what’s currently on the floor and what’s under it, you have a few options. If the current flooring is in bad shape, take it out. A simple fix, which can look quite nice, is to sand and patch the plywood subfloor and then paint it, using a porch paint (see This Old House magazine, March 2011). At that point, you could spiff it up with an inexpensive throw rug, or you could stencil a design on it, sealing it with polyurethane.

Evaluate your sink and tub. Are they dingy and in need of replacing? One way around this is to simply refinish them. A professional bathtub refinisher will be able to make them look like new for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Finally, evaluate your lighting fixtures. If they’re old and tired looking, watch the ads in your local paper for a sale and pick up an inexpensive new fixture to set off the space. Add a few bargain accessories to match your new bathroom colors, and you’ll be all set.

It doesn’t have to take a fortune to remodel your bathroom. Some paint, hard work, a bathtub refinishing and new lighting and accessories can go a long way toward revamping your space until you’re ready to do a major overhaul.

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