2011 Bathroom Trends

by Jane VanOsdol on February 8, 2011

It’s that time of the year again, and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has released their list of the top trends for kitchens and baths for 2011. These trends apply to the United States and Canada and can vary depending on the geographic region you live in. However, they’re a good baseline for what’s going on in the home improvement industry, so if you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom this year, let’s look and see where you may want to spend your money.

1.     Quartz. While granite remains the most popular choice of materials for bathroom vanity countertops, quartz is making steady increases in its market share. Currently, about 83% of NKBA bathroom designers use granite in a bathroom design while 54% use quartz (up from 48% last year). The other materials used by the designers include solid marble at 37%, solid surfaces at 25% and white cultured marble and onyx at 19%. Clearly, stone products remain a favorite for bathroom renovations.

2.     We’re seeing green. Green color palettes have jumped 10% over the last year in bathroom remodeling projects. A year ago, only 14% of NKBA designers used green in their design schemes. That number is now up to 24%. However, white, off-whites and beiges still reign supreme as the top color choices for bathrooms. It’s hard to beat those traditional crisp colors. Other popular choices include blue, gray and bronze and terracotta.

3.      Choice of Sinks. Homeowners are installing a wide range of sink styles in their bathrooms, but the clear winner is still the under mount sink, with 97% of NKBA designers having used the under mount sinks in their designs. Vessel sinks have risen to a strong second place, with 52% of designers having used them. Rounding out the top five of bathroom sinks are integrated sink tops at 38%, pedestal sinks at 29% and drop-in sinks at 27%.

4.     Faucet finishes. While lots of choices remain for faucet finishes, a popular favorite for 2011 is satin nickel. Brushed nickel, last year’s winner,  is a close second. Additional favorite faucet choices among homeowners for their bathroom remodels include bronze and oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome and polished nickel. An interesting note is that while stainless steel is popular for kitchen use (44% of the designers use it there), it’s popularity drops significantly for bathroom use (only 16% of designers use it in the bathroom).

Generally, it appears that traditional designs and materials are still holding sway with homeowners. It’s hard to beat the lasting impact that traditional, quality materials and designs will bring to a home for years to come.

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