Countertop Refinishing

by Jane VanOsdol on January 30, 2011

It’s not unusual that after years of use your bathroom and kitchen countertops start looking dull, scratched, stained or chipped. After all, think of all the abuse they take every day. From cooking and chopping chores in the kitchen to the constant presence of water in the bathroom, our countertops are exposed to wear and tear. And sometimes we unknowingly use the wrong cleaners on them, which can contribute to their demise. If replacing your countertop isn’t in your budget, don’t despair. You do have other options.

Have you ever considered refinishing your countertops? A countertop refinishing can typically save you from 60 to 70 percent over the cost of replacing a countertop. And it’s also a much faster process than replacing a countertop. Usually, you just need one to two days and the remodel is complete.

You may be wondering what type of countertops can be refinished. Almost any type can be, including laminate, cultured Formica, cultured marble, tile and even granite. So, take a look around your home. Wherever you have a countertop—your kitchen, bathroom, garage, family room, hobby room or utility room—a countertop refinishing project will breathe new life into the room and give you a beautiful new work surface for your daily chores and hobbies.

Don’t think that refinishing your countertop will leave you with a boring finish. No, you have several different looks and colors to choose from. You may decide upon a traditional countertop finish, an eggshell finish, an acrylic glossy finish or a stone-flecks finish that simulates the look of stone. You’ll be sure to find a finish and a pattern that matches your décor and your style.

If you hire countertop refinishing professionals to do the job for you, they’ll start by thoroughly cleaning your countertop and then repairing any areas that are damaged. Next, they’ll apply a primer and a bonding agent. After that they apply your chosen coating and finally a sealant to protect the finish. You then need to let the countertop cure for 24 hours before using it.

You’ll be amazed at the results, which, by the way, should last for several years. And, you’ll be happy at the money you saved by choosing a countertop refinishing process over a complete replacement.

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