Budget Kitchen Remodeling and Casual Living

by J on January 20, 2011

Home improvements don’t have to blow your budget. As a matter of fact, thrifty homeowners are actually in vogue with a popular trend in home decorating:  casual living. Casual living as it relates to decorating involves melding organization, function, beauty and simplicity into your decorating scheme. And it does this by using resources you already have, or at least by using inexpensive, readily available materials. Flea market finds, garage sale bargains and repurposed items all have a place in casual living.

Kitchen decorating styles that mesh well with casual living are country-, primitive- and farmhouse-style kitchens. If you love the look of distressed cabinets and furniture, muted colors, white woods, hardwood floors, antiques and baskets, you’ll love the look of casual living. A common characteristic in casual living is the use of open-plan shelves or shelving units to store and display your kitchen items.

Incorporating this open look into your kitchen remodel isn’t for everyone, but if you have an eclectic collection of vintage cookware, colorful dishes, glassware and pots and pans, then this open storage look will fit you perfectly.

Look around your home and see what you may already have that you can use to store and display your dishes and collectibles in your kitchen. Install a few sturdy, wooden shelves on the wall in your kitchen and use them to store your mixing bowls and casserole dishes. Another shelf can hold a collection of your tea tins and tea pots. Your dinner plates and bowls can rest on a third shelf. The idea of this open storage look is to make your dishes and cookware easily accessible as well as creating a beautiful, colorful display of your kitchenware. Your kitchenware actually becomes your art work too—a true mixture of function and fashion.

Another popular storage option that is all the rage in kitchen remodeling is freestanding open shelving The more distressed looking they are, the better. Flea market finds of old wooden shelving units complete with dings and scratches are perfect. A large unit will nicely hold all your dishes and glasses, with room left over for a few colorful vacation treasures, pitchers, Grandma’s heirloom sugar and creamer—and whatever else you desire. Again, don’t feel you have to scrape and repaint the whole thing. The distressed look is what you’re going for.

If you’re an unfussy person that loves a comfortable, cozy space, then the casual living trend is one that will fit right in with your home and your lifestyle. Scour the garage sales, flea markets—and your own home—to see what you have that will make your kitchen the comfy, casual heart of your home.

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