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by J on January 15, 2011

Do you have plenty of square footage in your living room or dining room, but not so much storage space? Well, how about adding a home improvement project that will not only brighten up the room, but also add some stylish storage areas as well? Adding a large picture window along with a built-in window seat and cabinetry can make a beautiful addition of both light and storage to your living space.

The easiest place to begin is by choosing a wall with an already existing window. Perhaps the window doesn’t quite take advantage of the view outside but would be spectacular if it were enlarged. This could be just the right space to install a picture window. Letting more light in will dramatically change the feel of the room.

Consult with a general contractor to figure out the appropriate size and layout of the window in comparison to the size of the wall. Your contractor will be able to help you choose a window manufacturer and style of window.  Keep in mind that picture windows are fixed large panes of glass that do not move. The whole purpose of a picture window is to offer unobstructed views and let in light. Many homeowners like to combine a picture window with other types of operable windows, such a casement windows or gliding windows. These are installed on both sides of the picture window to allow for airflow and ventilation. Picture windows are customized to your dimensions, so take the time to plan carefully with your contractor.

The addition of a window seat below the picture window can create a cozy reading nook in front of the window, as well as add some storage to the room—if you add drawers to the bottom of the window seat. Your general contractor will help you to figure an appropriate size for the window seat that fits the overall design. Be sure to add a thick padded cushion for the window seat and plenty of pillows to make the area comfortable and inviting for reading and enjoying the view.

Another way to maximize the storage is to also have your contractor design built-in wall-to-floor storage cabinets to match the window seat, situated on both sides of it. These could be open shelves, closed cabinets, or a combination of both—whatever best fits your needs and the available space.

Making the decision to add a large picture window and window bench can transform a dimly lit room into a bright, inviting space, which scores high marks for both beauty and function.

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