Painting Trends for 2011

by J on January 6, 2011

Are you ready to remodel your home, but the finances aren’t cooperating? Well, one tried and true home improvement that won’t drain much money out of your pocket is to have Maryland painters paint your rooms. And according to Debbie Zimmer, North American director of communications for the Paint Quality Institute, painting is going to remain a popular home improvement for 2011. Zimmer says this is due in large part to, you guessed it, the economy. As homeowners deal with ongoing job losses or begin to recover from a job loss, painting provides an economical way to update a home. Zimmer shares some color trends she sees for 2011 that you may want to incorporate into your home.

Neutrals Still Strong

Neutrals remain a popular choice for homeowners, because once a room is painted in a neutral color, you can easily change the look of it by just swapping out different colored accessories—no more continuous repainting. As usual, whites and beiges are favorites among homeowners, but Zimmer also sees faint corals and greens as new trends for 2011. You may also want to check out MHI’s recent blog post Shades of Gray on gray being a new favorite neutral among designers.

Well-Worn Hues

Zimmer also highlights the popularity of painting rooms using well-worn hues. Think all shades of blues—from purples, dark blues to blue-grays. Typically, blue is a soothing shade. Consider it for your family room or bedroom—a room where you can relax from the stress and strains of modern life. She recommends pairing the blue with yellow or yellow-green to add some zing.

It turns out that Zimmer is not the only one sold on yellow. Yellow is definitely a color being talked about among the experts. Leading Canadian paint brand CIL has announced their top colors for 2011 and leading the list is yellow. CIL says it’s a different shade than the banana yellow that was popular last year. This year it’s a lemonade, sherbet yellow that will be gracing the walls and accessories of people’s homes.

Shimmer and Shine

Finally, Zimmer says that for those consumers looking to add some higher voltage style to a room, metallic finishes and shiny paint sheens are on designers’ lists for 2011. “Gloss can subtly create a brighter, more upbeat mood in a home, but at the same time, it adds style and pizzazz,” she said.

So, why not kick off 2011 by updating your home with some fresh paint colors and accessories? Painting is a home improvement that packs a lot of bang for a very small buck.

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