Bathroom Remodel: Floors

by J on December 31, 2010

If the tile or linoleum on your bathroom floor has lost its sparkle and is showing the signs of wear and tear, you’re probably ready to upgrade it with something a bit more stylish. Thanks to a new product on the market, you can install a bathroom floor that looks like wood and wears like tile—because it is tile.

The Italian company Lea Ceramiche designed the product Bioessenze to meet the needs of homeowners and business owners who love the warmth of wood, but need a floor that can withstand the conditions typical in spas, bathrooms and retail establishments. Bioessenze does just that.

Homeowners will love this product for its high-end appeal and durability and its ease of maintenance. If you install this gleaming floor and combine it with a bathtub refinishing, you’ll have a home improvement project that will give you years of beauty.

High-tech manufacturing techniques and the artist’s touch give these porcelain tiles a wood-like appearance. Digital printing and innovative pressing techniques capture the shading and natural wood grain patterns of the tiles. The glazed tiles are actually in long plank lengths and are available in the following seven different shades and styles, suitable for every look from rustic to elegant.

*Larice Chiaro            *Noce            *Rovere Bianco            *Teak            *Rovere Pepe              *Rovere Decape             *Wenge

The tiles are appropriate for either walls or floors and do not require maintenance. They will stand up to wear and tear, moisture, scratching and mechanical impact. This means that you can have a beautiful wood-like floor in rooms that normally are not so friendly to wood, like bathrooms, kitchens, spas and outdoor areas.

Bioessenze is also a part of the Ecolabel-certified collection. It is produced in such a way that respects the environment. It does not emit pollutants into the atmosphere or water supply. It uses available natural resources (no trees!), and it recycles ceramic waste from manufacturing. It is made with 40% pre-consumer recycled materials (2 LEED points). The price point starts at $11.75 per square foot.

What this means for homeowners is that you can have the beauty of wood in your bathroom without the worry and upkeep that a hardwood floor would require.

Once your tub refinishing project is complete, add a few luxurious accessories like plush towels, scented lotions and some soothing music, and you’ll have a private retreat to rival your favorite spa—all in your own bathroom.

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