Garage Facelift

by J on December 16, 2010

Is it possible that your garage is ruining the curb appeal of your house? It’s easy to want to ignore this catchall addition to homes. After all, it’s much more fun to put your hard-earned dollars to work on the inside of your house. Ignoring this structure too long, however, can lead to problems. Let’s consider some home improvements that can help perk up this structure and bring it up to the standards of the rest of the house.

1.     First of all, start at the top with the roof. Evaluate what shape your roof is in. Are the shingles curling or falling off? Do you have functioning gutters and downspouts? Most likely if the roof is bad on your garage, it is on the rest of the house, too, unless it was built at a separate time. Decide if any work needs to be done (contact a roofing contractor if necessary) and whether only repairs are needed or the whole roof needs to be replaced. Every so often on an older home, you find a house where the roof over the home is a gabled or hipped roof, but the garage has a flat roof. If this is the case with you, and you can afford it, it’s time to update your garage’s roof to match the rest of the house.

2.     Give your siding a good once-over. If you have wood siding, does it need to be stained or repainted? If you have vinyl siding, what shape is it in? Does it match the rest of the house? Perhaps your siding just needs a good cleaning. Decide what needs to be done and see what your budget allows for.

3.     Now let’s turn our attention to the garage doors. Often times the garage structure is fine, but it’s the doors that are dragging down the appearance of the whole thing. Does the garage door opener work properly? Do the doors need to be painted a different color to accent your garage? Perhaps it would improve the curb appeal if you installed a new garage door that contains some windows. Garage door companies have a wide variety of window styles available for garage doors. You also have the option of using obscure-glass panel inserts that let in light, while still maintaining your privacy. You’ll be amazed at the difference the windows will make in the appearance of the entire structure.

4.     Another consideration is whether you have an attached or detached garage. If it’s detached and sits close enough to the house, would you have it within your budget to hire a general contractor to modify the design so that the garage attaches to the house? Most likely, you would gain an additional small room like a mudroom or laundry room in the process.

Putting some resources into this often-neglected structure of the home can definitely up your curb appeal and help if it ever comes time to sell your home.

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