Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

by J on December 9, 2010

Pedestal sinks remain a popular item in bathroom home remodeling projects. For the minimalist, you won’t find a better look than the simplicity of a pedestal sink. However, they’re equally at home in a luxurious bathroom because of their elegant, streamlined style. No matter your style, you’re sure to find a pedestal sink that appeals to you.

One reason pedestal sinks are so popular is because they adapt to almost any decor. Do you favor a traditional style? There’s a pedestal sink that will work for you. Are you more of a contemporary decorator? You’re going to find a wide range of pedestal sinks that fit into that sleek category. Their adaptability makes them appropriate for almost any bathroom.

You’ll also find a variety of pedestal sink shapes to choose from as well. If you like the traditional square vanity shape in a bathroom, you’ll find many choices of square pedestal sinks to choose from. If, however, you prefer a no-hard-edges circular shape, you’ll find several choices such as the American Standard 011 Colony Pedestal Sink. It sells for $138 to $183 online.

You can also find oblong shapes, such as the Elizabethan Classics ECETP English Turn Petite Pedestal Sink for the online price of $321 to $364. By far, one of the most interesting sinks is the stainless steel Neo-Metro® 8931-RLL Metropolis Round Basin Commercial Sink. It’s a cone-shaped sink (truly, imagine the shape of a giant ice cream cone) and ranges in price from $2,085 to $3,188. As you can see, you’ll find a pedestal sink in almost every budget category.

Pedestal sinks are perfect for a bathroom remodeling project that involves a powder room or tiny bathroom. They take up so little room that they will fit almost anywhere, as long as you have access to plumbing. However, don’t rule them out for a large master bath suite. If you love the sleek look of a pedestal sink, but worry about losing the storage you get with a traditional vanity, then why not incorporate a freestanding cabinet? You’ll be able to have both the elegant style you love in the pedestal sink and all the storage you need with the cabinet. Choosing, for example,  an exotic  wood cabinet will give you another stylish addition to your bathroom.

Overall, a pedestal sink will work in just about any bathroom, regardless of design style and size. You may just find that it’s your favorite thing in your new bathroom remodel.

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