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by J on December 6, 2010

Are you in a panic because you have company coming for Christmas, but your home is overflowing with stuff? You’re probably wondering just where you’re going to put everyone and all their assorted things. Well, one way to handle the dilemma is to clear out some of your normal household items temporarily to make space for your guests.

Now of course, you’re not going to pack up anything that you’ll need while your guests are here. Just things that would not serve a useful purpose and might be in the way or get damaged with so many extra people–or little ones–around.
Author of Kamikaze Cleaning™, Stephanie Buckwalter (http://busyhomemaker.com/) offers a few tips on doing a fast cleanup for company.

  • Remove anything that does not belong in the room, sorting it into labeled boxes that are the same size (moving boxes or file boxes from an office supply store work well). You can sort by room, by category (toys, books, etc.), or any other system that makes sense to you. If you have a miscellaneous box, write down on a piece of paper everything going into that box. Slip the paper into a see-through binder page and tape it to the outside of the box so that you can see exactly what is in the box.
  • Store the boxes in a staging area–either a storage area, attic, utility area, garage, or a room that can hold the boxes. If this is primarily to allow people in for the holidays, bedrooms work well for storing the boxes short-term.
  • Put together a plan to go through all the boxes. You can spend part of this month working through the boxes, or wait until January and make it your New Year’s resolution to get your house in order.

If your company is staying overnight or for several nights, you may want to consider renting storage units short term. You can even have the units stored off your property on their site. The storage units are big enough to hold any excess furniture, should you need to open up your space even more.

Another helpful tip is to rethink the arrangement of your furniture. Can you by moving a few things around, make a more convenient layout for your company? For example, if your have an extra work table in your home office, would it make sense to move it to the family room so that you have an additional area for playing cards or putting together a puzzle? Perhaps you should move the TV in your bedroom to the living room so the adults have a place to watch a movie if the teens or kids have taken over the family room.

By taking the time to quickly organize, using off-site storage containers if necessary and rearranging your furniture layout, you’ll be ready to welcome–and enjoy–your holiday company.

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