Cheerful Hues of Yellow

by J on December 2, 2010

Do you just love the color yellow—all its accompanying hues from vibrant marigold to pale sunshine—but are afraid of overwhelming a room with it? Don’t shy away from letting your Washington DC painters use this color in your home improvement projects. Let’s look at some ways you can brighten up your home with this cheerful color without seeming too Pollyannaish.

If you love the rich vibrant hues of deep yellow, but are afraid of overwhelming a room with its strong tones, think small. A small area will be the perfect place to use these strong shades. Kitchens are busy places, and you’ll often have areas where the wall is interrupted by windows, cupboards or backsplashes. The wall that is located above the sink and below a window can be a perfect place to try strong colors. You’ll get the bold, dramatic color you love without overwhelming the senses. Two shades you may want to check out for this are Desert Glow or Bright Star by Behr.

Another area in your home to use these strong colors would be in a small, dark area, such as a dark entryway or a wall in the mudroom. Again, it will help to brighten up the space, but it won’t be something you have to stare at constantly. One suggestion for painting these areas is a shade called Peach Butter by Behr.

Have you considered using these vibrant shades  on wooden furniture, such as chair legs or a bed frame? Try this out and then pair the furniture with darker colored cushions and spreads such as olive green or grey to tone down the vibrancy of the yellow.

The lighter tones of yellow can be perfect in so many places of your home. A pale yellow can brighten up a kitchen and make it a cheerful place to be, especially welcoming on cold, dreary winter mornings. Or a sweet yellow can make a small bedroom seem brighter and larger. It can also be the perfect shade for a home office, as yellow just seems to give off a lot of energy. Some shades to consider for these rooms are Butter, Sunbeam and Beeswax by Olympic.

If you have a yellow accessory at home that you think would make the perfect shade for a wall or a piece of furniture, take it with you to your local painting store and have them match if for you. If you’re still in doubt about what color to go with, contact a local painting contractor and have them give you some design help. You’ll get the perfect shade for your home and one that will brighten up your day.

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