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by J on November 30, 2010

If you’re looking for some quick, innovative ways to update your bathroom, you won’t have to look too hard. And, you won’t even have to crack open a can of paint. A few stylish and functional products on the market will do the job nicely, thank you, without requiring a lot of time from you.

The first product is called the Rainshower Icon Showerhead. This product is made by the innovative German company Grohe, known for its sleek, modern designs and functional products. This showerhead is designed for high-pressure showers. The Rainshower Icon Showerhead is available in six vibrant colors to match any décor:  pink, orange, yellow, red, blue and purple. It comes equipped with an “EcoButton,” which is a water-saving sliding button. Easily operable with just fingertip control, the EcoButton’s low-flow mode can save you up to 40% of water usage. An added bonus to this showerhead is that it’s a snap to install. Simply unscrew your old showerhead (doesn’t matter what manufacturer it is) and attach the new one. This retails for $114. For information on where to buy, go to this link.

If your tub could use some work to match your gleaming new showerhead, you may want to consider a bathtub refinishing. It will give you a like-new tub at a fraction of the cost to replace the fixture.

The next product is a stainless steel Grundtal hanger by IKEA that takes up barely any room, but will still allow you to hang up to six towels. The trick to this towel rod is that you hang it vertically on the wall. It’s two feet long and is designed with six pegs in alternating directions, which help you to make the most of the space. At only $7.99, it’s a steal. This is not available online. Follow this link to check the retail stores for availability.

The final product is also sold at retail IKEA stores and is a Liden Door Mounted Storage hanging organizer. This mounts nicely on the back of a bathroom door, or would fit even better on the back of a bathroom closet door. It has five pockets and is 11 ¾” wide by 39 ¼ “ long. It’s big enough to store several items, but small enough to not be intrusive. At $19.99, it won’t break your bank account. Click here for availability.

You can see that updating your bathroom with a few home improvements doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Even if you spring for the bathtub refinishing, just a few hundred dollars will give you a fresh look and spa-like features that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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