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by J on November 18, 2010

Does the entryway to your home open into a cramped, dark space with little light and even less appeal? If so, you may want your next home improvement project to be revamping this space. Even enlarging it just a bit can allow you and your guests to enter without tripping over each other, and it can make the first impression of your home a welcoming one.

Designers will often add a small bump out to the front entryway to gain the extra space. The size can vary based on the layout of your home and property. One popular size for this is a 6-by-9-foot addition. While this is a small space, its effect can be quite dramatic.

First of all, adding this extra square footage of space can give you the necessary room to put in some much need storage in your home. Depending upon the layout of your entryway, you may have enough space to have a closet built in to your entryway. Or if not a built-in, you should have enough room to add a freestanding wardrobe. Being able to contain all the shoes, boots, coats, mittens and hats will bring a sense of order to this space. Also, add a cushioned low bench to allow your family and guests a comfortable sitting area for removing their outwear.

The bump out can also allow you to let more natural light shine in this area in a couple of ways. First of all, you can have your general contractor install sidelights on either side of the door, which will brighten up the space considerably. You may also have enough space to install windows on either side of the bump out. Work with your contractor to see what is possible concerning the window installation based on the size of your bump out.

In some homes, the bump out addition will even give you enough room to add a small half bath off of the foyer. This can make a huge difference in a busy household. Remember that adding plumbing work to a home improvement project will add to the expense of it, but it may be that the convenience will make the extra expense worth it.

And don’t forget about the outside of your new entryway either. Adding a new door, outside lighting and possibly railings can dramatically increase your curb appeal.

Be sure to consult with your home remodeling specialist to set your priorities for what you want to accomplish with this new space. You’ll be thrilled with the results and the bright, open space you’ll have to greet your guests in.

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