Recycled Tiles for Beauty and Sustainability

by J on November 15, 2010

If you’re looking for a home improvement project that packs a dramatic punch, consider using decorative tile in your next project.  You’ll be stunned by the beauty and variety of tiles that you can use to create a mosaic, design a backsplash or lay out a countertop with—and those are just a few of your choices. Let’s focus on two beautiful and environmentally friendly tiles:  recycled metal tiles and recycled glass tiles.

Recycled Metal Tiles

Recycled metal decorative tiles just naturally draw attention when used in your design plan. They make an eye-catching centerpiece or can also be used as an accent. They are a versatile tool and come in various styles, molds and colors. Recycled metal tiles are often made from recycled aluminum or recycled brass.

Metal tiles are traditionally used in kitchen backsplashes or in decorative wall applications. Don’t stop there, however. You can use them almost anywhere. You can even use them in your home remodel flooring project, either to accent a wood, ceramic or stone floor, or as the entire floor themselves.

Metal tiles come in a wide variety of sizes, from 2” x 2” all the way up to 12” x 12”. The maintenance for recycled metal tiles is easy. Simply wash them with mild dish soap and water. One caution to remember is that when installing the metal tiles around electrical outlets, take care so that no exposed wires touch the metal tile you are installing. Recycled aluminum tiles can be very budget friendly—significantly cheaper than most other metals and stainless steel tiles.

Recycled Glass Tiles

The stunning beauty of these recycled glass tiles is reason enough to use them in your home; the fact that they’re recycled is an even better reason. Waste from construction sites is one of the biggest contributors to our landfills. It just makes sense to divert some of this waste into beautiful, usable materials, such as these glass tiles.

The process of making recycled glass tiles involves collecting the glass, crushing it, mixing it with metallic oxides, pouring the solution into molds and then baking it at a high temperature. Each tile has a slightly different variation, giving it a distinct beauty.

Glass tiles are impervious to water and resistant to chemicals and stains, so they are a natural for use in kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Tiling your shower with them will turn your bathroom into a spa-like room, which you’ll be able to enjoy everyday.

Using these recycled tiles in your home improvement projects will give you the best of both worlds:  a unique, stunning design element in your home and an environmentally sustainable one to boot!

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