Bathroom Remodeling in One Day

by J on November 11, 2010

If you’re like most people, you squeeze in your home remodeling projects in your spare time—which may not be much. A few hours here and there, maybe a day during the weekend. You may be feeling like that’s not much time to accomplish anything. Well, if you can reserve a day, you can make a major improvement on a dingy bathroom. What can you do in just a day? Well, how about …

  • Painting.  A fresh coat of paint can give your bathroom a whole new look. Pick a color that appeals to you. The colors of choice for 2010 bathrooms were all about traditional hues:  beige, bone, white, off-white and brown. Of course, since it’s your bathroom, if these options seem boring, choose your favorite color and get started. Most bathrooms are small enough that you can easily paint them in one day.
  • Refinishing your tub or shower. This bathroom remodeling project can be done in one day. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional to handle it for you. Your shower or tub will look brand new, at a fraction of the cost it would take to replace it.
  • Changing out your accessories. Maybe you don’t even need to paint. Perhaps all you need to do to create a fresh look is to change your accessories. Purchase some new pictures for the walls; be sure to check resale shops. These can be great places to find inexpensive, stylish accessories. Buy a few new towels. Add a pretty vase, glass toiletry containers or candles.
  • Reorganizing your linen closet. It doesn’t take long for a linen closet to become a cluttery mess. Sort through all your linens and decide what is worth keeping. Throw out or recycle what needs to go. Then look for ways to keep the closet orderly. Consider storing large items like blankets, comforters and sheets in vacuum-seal bags. They will take up so much less space, and they’ll stay clean, dry and pest-free. Closet Maid makes adjustable wire and laminate shelving that may be just the answer to making this space functional. sells a linen closet organizer, which can help you efficiently store your blankets, sheets and towels.
  • Adding more storage. If you have the room, hang a nice cabinet on the wall. Do you have the room for a standing cabinet? If not, consider purchasing a shelf unit that fits around and above the toilet. These are inexpensive and will add either a cabinet or shelves to the bathroom.

You don’t have to have a week to take on a bath remodel project. In just one day you can make a few simple changes that will have your bathroom looking and feeling like a whole new space.

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