Refinish Your Tub for a New Look

by J on October 29, 2010

You can spend hours of time cleaning your bathroom, but if your bathtub is dingy, it makes the rest of the room look bad too. If your tub is still in sound shape, then you may be the perfect candidate to have your tub refinished. Refinishing costs a fraction of what replacing the tub would cost, and when it’s done, the tub looks like new.

Refinishing is also an option to consider if you’re tired of the current color of your tub. When you hire a professional to refinish your tub, you can also choose to change the color if you want. Most refinishers offer a few colors such as Kohler biscuit, biscuit, bone and almond, as well as the standard white that work for both your tub and bathtub surround too. Changing the color of your tub is one way to dramatically change the look of your whole bathroom.

Your bathtub refinishing expert will begin your project by removing the drain cover, overflow plate, and any caulking from around the edges of the tub. If the tub has been refinished in the past, he will also strip the old glaze from the previous job.

The next step is to repair any imperfections in the tub. Over the years tubs can become worn or damaged, and chips, holes or cracks are not an unusual occurrence. These will be filled with body filler and then the surface will be sanded to attain a smooth finish.

Next, the entire tub is masked off using masking paper and drop cloths. The refinisher then uses a tack cloth to clean every last bit of dust and dirt out of the tub; the tub is now ready to be sterilized and a primer is applied. Once that has dried, the installer usually applies about three coats of finish. Many refinishers will use a fume exhauster during this process. This machine helps to reduce the odor of the fumes and any overspray during the refinishing process.

Once the finish has been applied, the refinisher will remove the masking paper and apply new caulking around the edges of the tub to seal it. Your tub will be ready for use in just 24 hours.

This refinishing process is also available for fixtures other than tubs. You can use if on bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, pedestal sinks, bathtub surrounds, counter tops, fiberglass bathtubs and tile.

Ultimately, your bathtub refinish will give you the gleaming results you’re after at such a small price that you’ll have enough money left over to buy some new accessories to match your tub!

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