Are You Ready for the First Winter Storm?

by J on October 26, 2010

The recent windy fall storms are a good reminder that the windy winter storms may just be a few short weeks away. Now is the time to make sure you have everything on hand that you need to be prepared for the first snow storm.

Before we get that first accumulating snow, you need to find your snow shovels or purchase one if yours has disappeared. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find a shovel when you need to dig a path to your car, or when you need to dig your car out of a snow drift. Find your shovel and put it in a handy spot so that you’re prepared when the first flakes start flying.

Find your ice and snow scraper now and put it in your car. These tools just seem to have a way of disappearing from one snow season to the next.  Don’t be caught away from home with nothing but your bare hands to clear your car windows. Consider purchasing an extra scraper to have available for any unprepared visitors who may drop by your home.

Consider purchasing a snow blower. If you live in a snow belt area and receive frequent storms, you’ll probably want to purchase a snow blower. Or, maybe you have a long driveway that would take hours to shovel out. Even if you use a snow removal service, having a snow blower can give you a head start on clearing up the mess in the event of a bad storm.

Sign up for a snow removal service. This service is a necessity for doctors, fire fighters, police officers and others who need to be available 24/7.  You’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be able to get out of your house in an emergency. This service also makes a wonderful gift for the elderly or infirm. Having a snow removal service keeps them from becoming snowbound and being at the mercy of neighbors or family to shovel them out and make sure they are stocked with food and supplies.

Stock up on ice melt to take care of any ice patches that build up outside your home. Some patches of ice can be particularly hard to see on dark asphalt driveways. Make sure you have some substance on hand to melt the ice and hopefully prevent a nasty fall. Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are easier on your grass and plants than the traditional salt is. However, whatever you use, be sure you are not tracking it into your house, because all of the substances are hard on your floors.

Clear a spot in your garage for your car. During the summer, our garages get cluttered with gardening tools, bikes and other toys and tools. Clear a spot now for your car so that you can avoid the mess of having to dig your car out from under a heavy snow. You’ll be so happy you took the time to do it .

Taking the time to prep for winter weather now will save you some frustration and headaches the next time you wake up to a winter wonderland outside your window.

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