Add Your Own Breakfast Bar

by J on October 21, 2010

Are you looking for a way to make your kitchen more appealing and functional at the same time? One home improvement that all members of your family will enjoy is that of adding a breakfast bar.

Breakfast bars can serve many purposes for a busy family. Let’s look at a few reasons why you might want to add one in your kitchen.

  • Breakfast. One of the most obvious reasons why you might want to add a breakfast bar for your kitchen remodeling project is it makes a convenient place to grab a bite on the way out the door in the morning. Kids enjoy sitting up higher at the bar, and it just might make it easier to entice them to eat a healthier breakfast as you’re all rushing around in the mornings.
  • After-school snacks. If you’re home when the kids arrive back from school, the bar makes a nice place for them to eat a snack while you catch up on the news from the day. The informal setting may induce them to talk as you are going about other tasks in the kitchen.
  • Keep the young ones corralled. If you’re busy preparing dinner, doing the dishes or in the middle of a baking project, the breakfast bar is a perfect place for you to keep your younger children corralled while you’re busy. Perch them at the bar with a craft project or let them help you with a kitchen task. They’ll be busy right under your nose, and you’ll be able to complete your work.
  • Homework time. If homework time and dinner prep time happen to coincide, you can have your kids park at the breakfast bar. You’ll be available to supervise and answer questions, while still preparing for dinner.
  • Office work.  The breakfast bar is also a handy spot to balance your checkbook, outline a work project or plan out your dinner menus and shopping list for the next week.
  • Late-night snacks. If you have teens, you know where you’ll find them in the evening. Teens are always hungry. It may just be that you can share a snack and some conversation with them in the evening.

Wondering where to put a breakfast bar? Let’s consider two ideas. First of all, kitchen islands with a built-in breakfast bar are popular ways to incorporate a bar into your kitchen design scheme. You could either purchase a ready-made island with a bar or have your local general contractor design one for you. Make sure that you situate the island far enough away from your cabinets and counters so that it does not interrupt the traffic flow in your kitchen.

Another possibility is to open up a wall between your kitchen and an adjoining room. Perhaps a wall separates your kitchen and dining room. If you’ve always wanted to open up that space, you could hire a contractor to cut a large window opening into the wall and then install a counter/island in that new space between the two rooms. You’ll probably be able to come up with several other ideas that will work for your particular kitchen as well.

Once you’ve installed your new breakfast bar, you’ll most likely find your family gravitating there frequently for a little snack—and some conversation.

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