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by J on October 18, 2010

If you’re fortunate enough to have an unfinished basement and the means to finish if off, you probably have already considered a multitude of ideas on what to do with the space. One idea that every member of your family will enjoy is to make the space into a game room. A game room can lure in all your family from tots to teens, encouraging them to spend some fun time together. And, it’s a safe place for your kids and their friends to hang out, as well as an area for adults to entertain in. Let’s consider what you might want to include in your game room.

First of all, make sure you have a professional help you figure out the best way to finish the floor and ceiling areas of your basement. If you have a moisture problem in the basement, you need to be sure that is addressed before you start remodeling the space.

Suspended or dropped ceilings are often used in basements to allow for easy access to pipes and electrical wiring. Your other option is to drywall the ceiling. This entails quite a bit of work, and you must remember to allow access to any pipes or wiring. As far as the flooring goes, consult your basement finishing expert for help in determining what would work best in your home. A laminate wood floor, engineered wood floor, linoleum, tiles or carpet could all be options, depending upon the moisture level in your basement.

Once the walls are finished and painted, it’s time to start the fun part of this home improvement project—filling the basement with games and accessories that all ages will enjoy.

If you have toddlers and preschoolers who will be using the space, you want to be sure you’ll baby proof the area and have a section with toys that are age appropriate. If the space is large enough, include a few indoor trikes or bikes that they can zoom around on, as well as a small table and chairs for craft time, puzzles, games and other toys they’ll enjoy. The rest of the family will enjoy the following items.

  • Arcade games. Video games, alley roller games, pinball machines, indoor basketball games and air hockey tables would all be favorite additions.
  • Big game tables. Consider a ping pong table or pool table. These can occupy hours of time and burn off lots of energy.
  • Dart board. A dart board is always a great addition for older children and adults. Just be sure to keep the darts away from the little ones.
  • A small putting green. The golf enthusiasts will enjoy the practice.
  • Snack machine. How about adding an old-fashioned popcorn, snow cone or cotton candy machine? This is sure to be a hit with the young set.
  • Jukebox or other form of music. A party’s just not the same without a little music!
  • Board games and cards. There’s nothing like board games or a deck of cards to inspire a little healthy competition among family and friends.

Once you’ve filled your finished space with games and toys, it’s time to use it. Schedule a party or family game night.  Deciding to complete that basement finishing project may just be the best thing you do to draw your family and friends closer together.

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