Eco-friendly Bathroom Home Improvement

by J on October 15, 2010

Undertaking a home improvement project is always an exciting time. A bathroom remodel is a project that often pays back in homeowner satisfaction and buyer satisfaction. With the current focus on eco-friendly lifestyles, it’s helpful to know that there are some great green home improvements that you can incorporate into your bathroom remodel. Let’s consider a few of them here.

1.     Consider recycled materials. You can purchase countertops for your vanity that are made from recycled materials. IceStone uses recycled glass and cement in their products. ECO by Cosentino uses recycled porcelain, glass, mirrors and crystallized ash in their products. You can also find reclaimed glass tiles for use on your bathroom walls, flooring and countertops too.

2.     Think about the cabinets you’ll be installing. You may be able to get away with refacing your current bathroom cabinet instead of purchasing a new one. Or if your current cabinet is beyond repair, consider the eco-friendly line of cabinets by Executive Kitchen. Other choices include possibly purchasing a used wood cabinet at a selvage store or looking into a bamboo cabinet.

3.     Try a dual-flush toilet in your bathroom remodel. A dual flush toilet has two buttons on it. The first button uses about 0.9 gallons of water per flush, while the second button uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

4.     Install a low-flow showerhead in your shower. You’ll get a double savings with this device. This shower head will save up to four gallons per minute of water, and it will save on energy, because you’ll spend less money to heat the water.

5.     Look into an “air shower” device. New to the market, the air shower is a device that attaches to your showerhead. It fills each water droplet with a tiny bubble of air. The water droplets feel just as big and strong as before, however you are using much less water. It increases the volume of the shower stream, but can reduce the amount of the water used by as much as 30 percent.

6.     Choose low- to no-VOC paint. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, which are toxic to the body. Check out AFM Safecoat, YOLO Colourhouse, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, which all have no- or low-VOC paints in their line.

Ultimately, after you’re through with your bathroom remodeling project, you’ll have not only a beautiful bathroom, but also an eco-friendly one that your family will be able to use safely for years to come.

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