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by J on October 12, 2010

How many times have you wished for more organizational space in your home of office? Having a place for everything is hard to do if you don’t have designated space for it. If you’ve spent way too much time lately looking for things and tripping over stacks of books, papers or toys, you may want to consider having some shelves and cabinets built for your home or office. Installing stylish yet practical shelving is one home improvement that can help you maximize the space in any room.

Customized shelving is the solution to getting exactly what you need for that problem area in your home. Let’s consider a few areas of your home and how shelving can help organize your life.


This area is the catchall of every home. When kids come home from school and parents get home from work, shoes are kicked off and backpacks or briefcases are dumped unceremoniously on the floor. A perfect carpentry project for this area would be to build some enclosed cabinets for coats and bags. Also, install a shoe rack for everyone’s shoes to be stacked neatly. While you’re at it, how about a row of hooks for small jackets and hats? It would be helpful if each family member had his or her own cabinet to stow their bags. That way when it comes time for homework later on, there’s no searching for misplaced books or backpacks. And, having the bags behind closed doors helps to neatly contain the mess.


Having a home office or your workplace office filled with shelves and cabinets tailored to your needs will definitely increase your efficiency. If you carry a  lot of inventory, then a carpenter can design a storage unit that will be best hold your product line. Remember to include sections in the plan for general storage of things such as your office supplies, books and files.

Family Room

The family room is a perfect place for customized cabinets. If you have an entertainment center, a carpenter can design a console to contain your TV and other audio/visual equipment. Cabinets for DVDs, CDs, gaming systems and other electronics will help protect this equipment and help keep accessories and remotes from disappearing. You could also add a few shelves or another cabinet for any toys that get stored in this area.


Bedrooms are notorious for being cluttered with clothes, toys, shoes and books. Why not design a series of shelves and cabinets to help you organize these things so that your bedroom can be the calm, relaxing space it should be? You’ll reduce your stress level and sleep better when you’re not surrounded by chaos.

Maximizing the space you have by installing customized shelves and cabinets can help reduce the disorganization in your home. A local carpenter or handyman should be able to design and build this project for you.  You’ll reduce your frustration and stress level and help the whole family to stay on task.

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