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by J on September 30, 2010

Often times, it’s the finishing touches that help pull a room together. Designers realize that and spend time carefully planning all the details that will make the overall design scheme gel. One home improvement that packs a big bang for its buck on the interior and exterior of your home is trim and molding.

Exterior Trim

Exterior trim works to highlight the architectural elements of your home. No matter the type of siding you have on your home, often times the fascia, soffits and trim work are made from wood. While wood has a natural beauty all its own, homeowners often like to paint the exterior trim to complement or contrast the color of their home’s siding. If your trim is peeling or faded, giving it a fresh coat of paint will definitely beef up your curb appeal.

Interior Trim and Molding

Adding interior molding to your home helps to give each room a polished appearance. Two popular applications of molding inside the home include crown molding and baseboard molding. A handyman service can easily install these updates for you.

Crown molding is an elegant treatment to use on the joint where the ceiling and the wall meet. It draws the eye upward and helps to complete the room. Baseboard molding is installed where the floor and wall meet. Traditionally, it’s been used as a protective kick board.  However, if you compare baseboard molding in older homes with baseboard molding in new homes, you will notice a marked difference. Today’s baseboard molding is more simply styled and narrower than its counterpart of yesteryear. You’ll find several choices on the market that are both functional and serve as an artistic element for your home.

Another type of custom molding is called wainscoting. Wainscoting can be more expensive, but creates a beautiful contrasting effect. Wooden panels are installed from the baseboards up to roughly the bottom third of the wall. Then a piece of wood molding is installed horizontally across the wall where the wainscoting stops. This chair rail protects the wall from damage and gives the whole effect a finished look.

Any home repair expert should be able to help you choose and install the interior and exterior trim and molding that will best accent your home. Take the time to explore the options you have with trim and molding. It very well could be that little something extra that pulls your home together.

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