Laundry Room Home Improvement

by J on September 24, 2010

One of the most neglected rooms of your home is probably the laundry room. Laundry rooms are often located in the basement, and many times in a part of the basement that is not finished. They can be dusty, cluttery, spidery spaces. We usually aren’t just dying to go downstairs and spend some time in the laundry room. Making an effort to transform this area into a clean, efficient space will make the time you do spend there—on average of six hours per week—a lot more pleasant!


If you’re like most people, probably the place you should start is by emptying your laundry room of its contents (except maybe the washer and dryer) and giving it a thorough cleaning. Lint traps cause this room to be filled with a lot of dust and debris, so get your vacuum and duster handy and get to work.  As you are cleaning, check to see if you notice any problems with moisture or mold. If you notice a large amount of water or mold, you will want to call a basement waterproofing company to have this fixed before it becomes a threat to your health. You may also want to plug in a dehumidifier to run in times of high humidity.

Another consideration is to decide whether you want to drywall this space, if it’s not already done. If it is a large space, having finished walls would cut down on the cleaning maintenance and probably on the dust and spiders too. It makes for a much more pleasant area. Be sure, however, that you leave access to any pipes in case of a plumbing emergency. Would this area benefit from a coat of paint in the color of your choice? It would at least brighten up the area and make it feel more finished.


Now it’s time to consider how you will organize and lay out your space. If you are sharing this room with other activities, designate a space for the laundry area and organize it. Two important items you will need for this room are a folding table and a storage cabinet of some type. Your folding table can be as simple as a card table or as elaborate as a custom table with storage underneath—then you would take care of both issues. If not, you will also need a cabinet or a shelf to store your laundry supplies in.

Next, you need to decide where you’ll set up your iron and ironing board. If you have the space, it ‘s helpful to have a hanging rack for clothes you hang up directly out of the dryer and a drying rack for any “lay flat to dry” items.

Stock It

Your final step is to stock your laundry room with all the supplies you need. Here’s a list to get you started:

*Detergent *Enzyme cleaner *Bleach *Stain remover *Home dry cleaning kit *Fabric softener *Distilled water for iron *Bucket for soaking

Now that you’ve got a waterproof basement spot and all your supplies are stocked, the only thing left to do is –the laundry!

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