Fall Decks: a Perfect Home Improvement

by J on September 20, 2010

With the warm summer weather extending into fall, there’s still plenty of time to build a deck and have it to enjoy for the lovely autumn days. If you just never got around to building a deck this summer, fall is the perfect time to undertake this home improvement project.

Lots of options exist for your decking material. Cedar and other hardwoods, as well as pressure-treated pine are always popular choices for homeowners. Just remember that they do require some periodic maintenance to keep them looking good.

Some people are opting for  composite decking, which is a combination of wood fibers and vinyl. These decks are durable, but still look like wood. Vinyl decks are made to look like wood, but with all the strength and durability of vinyl.

If you have the budget, consider exotic woods. Many exotic woods, such as ipe,  come from South America, and these woods are much denser and stronger than cedar and pine.

A newer, more expensive option is stone decking. Stone decking is virtually indestructible and is a stunning addition to any home.

Once you have chosen your decking material, now consider the layout of your deck. If you enjoy having crowds of people over for outdoor entertaining, then a wide-open layout may be just right for your family. Some may shy away from an expansive layout for a deck, feeling that it will be too impersonal, but it’s possible to have a wide, open space with an intimate feel. And just how do you do this?

By establishing different seating areas.

Create spaces for both large groups of people to sit at and intimate areas with a table for two. Make use of outdoor carpets, comfy chairs and outdoor accessories to pull together all the different areas. Have your general contractor add a pergola to the area to give the space a finished feel while still maintaining the openness and separate areas.

Also popular with many is finishing off the space with an outdoor stone fireplace. There’s nothing like a fire to ward off the chill of an autumn evening and draw people in.

If you thought it was too late in the season to start a deck building project, think again. A harvest moon creates the perfect ambiance for an outdoor fall gathering on your new deck.

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