Kitchen Remodel is All About Function

by J on September 17, 2010

Compared to a generation ago, the way families use their kitchens has changed dramatically. It used to be that families entertained in the living room and dining room and usually wouldn’t dream of having their guests in the kitchen. Today’s families use their kitchens for cooking, eating, entertaining, doing homework and paying the bills. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, consider your lifestyle and how you use this room to design a kitchen that will function best for you.

The first thing to consider as you’re undertaking this home improvement is to understand your lifestyle.

1.     Do you have children, and are you frequently hosting their friends?

2.     How many meals a week do you fix at home?

3.     Are you a gourmet chef, or are you all about fast, easy meals?

4.     Are you the sole cook of the home, or are several people in the kitchen fixing meals together?

5.      Do you entertain quite a bit? Is your style casual or more formal?

6.     Does your kitchen function as homework central? Do you also use it as an informal office?


Take into account your answers to these questions as you plan your kitchen remodel. Be sure you hire a company will work with your needs, and is not just offering a basic cookie cutter kitchen layout that may not be at all what you need.

If your kitchen has become an all-purpose room, then you may want to consider making it as large as possible and either scale back or eliminate a formal dining area if you rarely use it. Plan for a work area for homework and home office duties. If you frequently have guests over, leave enough space for a large table for everyone to gather around for eating and games. Many families also now have televisions in the kitchen.

As far as the layout goes, take into account how much cooking and baking you do and design according to that. Gourmet cooks will want more equipment and better appliances. If you have several cooks in the kitchen at one time, consider installing two kitchen sinks as this is an area of congestion. Kitchen islands are popular workhorses in the kitchen, because they are so versatile and customizable. Many people are installing wine refrigerators in the islands or single-drawer dishwashers. Also think of how you can set up different work stations around the kitchen for the tasks that you do.

Finally, organize the kitchen so that it makes sense to you. Keep your dishes in cupboards close to the dishwasher so that it makes for easy loading and unloading. Keep your baking supplies together and organize your pots and pans so that you can easily access your most-used pans quickly. If lots of people are putting away food in the cupboards, try labeling your shelves so you don’t waste a lot of time trying to find things.

Putting a little time and thought into your planning will guarantee that this is one home improvement project that’s a complete success.

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