An Easy Home Improvement: Vacuum-seal Bags

by J on September 16, 2010

One battle that most homeowners fight is that of clutter. Whether it be clothes, toys or tools, most of us have piles of just too much junk sitting around our homes. This junk makes it hard to walk, find things, and it can even make it hard for us to think when we are surrounded by disarray. One simple tip that not enough people take advantage of can help you get control of the clutter:  vacuum-seal storage bags.

These bags can be a lifesaver when it comes to organizing your home. The technology behind the bags is very simple: you fill the bag with soft items such as clothing or pillows, seal the bag and suck the air out of it with your vacuum hose.  The bag shrinks to a ridiculously small size and is ready for long-term storage or just to be put on your closet shelf.

Besides saving you space, these bags have several other advantages too.

1.     They are reusable. You can open and reseal the bag many times. This is handy if you keep the bags in your closet and open them frequently.

2.     Your items stay clean. No longer will your clothing or blankets sit around gathering dust. When you are ready to use the items, they won’t need to be cleaned. This is especially beneficial to allergy-prone people.

3.     The bags protect your possessions from bugs. You don’t have to worry about spiders or other critters taking up residence in your belongings.

4.     The bags protect from moisture and mildew. Some are even watertight. If you store things in your basement, these bags are a must-have.

Vacuum-seal storage bags are so useful for large items such as comforters and sleeping bags. These items can be hard to store because they take up too much space—not so in the vacuum bags. The Space Bag company makes a high capacity cube size that will hold two queen comforters and four pillows in one bag. Their large capacity flat bag will hold 12 sweaters. Most companies that manufacture these storage bags, make them in several sizes from small to extra large.

Besides normal household use, these bags are invaluable in other ways. If you’re traveling, they are a great way to save space in your suitcase. Simply pack your items in the bag, suck out the air and put the bag in your suitcase. In this day and age of modern travel when every ounce and inch of space counts, you’ll be able to maximize your space. Just be sure that when it’s time to pack up for the trip home, that you have a vacuum available to use.

People in hurricane-prone areas have even packed their belongings in them for protection in the event of a warning. The watertight bags can protect your valuables in case of flooding.

Outside of taking advantage of the services of a storage container company, using vacuum-seal bags can help to simplify and organize your life—and that’s one home improvement that we could all use!

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